Kohl’s To Accept Amazon Returns At All Stores Nationwide

Kohl’s and Amazon began an experiment in 2017 to enable the latter’s customers to drop off their returns at the former’s stores. Customers could drop their items off even if they had been taken out of their Amazon shipping boxes. The trial was limited to some 100 stores in the Los Angeles, Chicago, and Milwaukee areas but it’s now being expanded in a big way. Kohl’s will accept Amazon returns […]

US Embassies Being Targeted By Russian Hackers

Check Point Research has put out a new report which reveals that several U.S. embassies in different countries have been targeted by Russian hackers. Emails with malicious attachments that were disguised as official State Department documents were sent to officials in these embassies. They were mainly Excel sheets with malicious macros which appeared to have come from the State Department.

Millions Of Instagram Passwords Were Stored In Plain Text

Facebook reported a security lapse last month in which it claims that “tens of thousands” of Instagram users’ passwords were stored in plain text and people who had access to certain internal systems could view them. The company has quietly revised the figure upwards considerably. It now says that “millions” of Instagram users’ passwords were stored in plain text in addition to “hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users” and […]

Amazon Closes Local Marketplace In China

Amazon has decided to close its domestic marketplace in China amid intense competition from local rivals in one of the most lucrative e-commerce markets on the planet. The shutdown of the marketplace will mean that its customers in the country will no longer be able to buy goods from third-party merchants that were selling on Amazon.cn.


Google Chrome To Get A Reader Mode On Desktop

Many browsers offer a reader mode which strips away the necessary background elements in a webpage so that the actual text is easier to read. It can prove to be particularly useful with long-form articles that have a lot of text. Google has been working on a reader mode for the desktop version of its popular Chrome web browser.

Netflix To Test Top 10 List Of Its Popular Content

Netflix is going to test a top 10 list of its most popular movies and shows with streamers in the United Kingdom. The list would enable them to see at a glace which movies and series are performing the best on Netflix. The list is going to be updated weekly with each genre getting its dedicated list.

AMP Pages Will Start Showing Original URL In Chrome’s Address Bar

A couple of major announcements have come out of Google’s 2019 AMP Conf in Tokyo today. It’s making some changes and introducing new features for its Accelerated Mobile Pages project. The company has revealed that AMP pages will now show the original URL in the Google Chrome address bar.

Mobile Google Search To Get AMP Stories Soon

Google continues to expand its AMP project and it has evolved into more than just an optimized way of making mobile web pages load faster. It’s even used for powering interactive content in Gmail now. AMP Stories was announced a year ago, it’s a new way of creating interactive news stories, and it will now be rolling out soon on mobile Google Search for everyone.

YouTube’s Algo Placed A 9/11 Attacks Link Under Notre Dame Fire Videos

The iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris caught fire yesterday. The roof was destroyed and the spire fell down. Naturally, there was intense media coverage of the incident given that Notre Dame happens to be one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Plenty of video coverage was available on YouTube where the video streaming service’s fact-checking algorithm erroneously placed a link to the 9/11 attacks under the Notre […]

Outlook.com Hackers Did Access Emails Of Some Users

Microsoft revealed last week that an Outlook.com support agent’s credentials were compromised by hackers and they were thus able to access folder names, email addresses, and subject lines of emails from January till March this year. It stated that they couldn’t see the email content but that doesn’t appear to be the case now.

BTS Breaks YouTube One-Day Viewing Record A Week After It Was Set

To say that K-pop and groups that make such music are just popular would be a massive understatement. K-pop fans are some of the most dedicated and die-hard fans of any genre. Thus it makes sense that the one-day viewing record that was set by a K-pop group was beaten by another K-pop group just one week later.

Facebook, WhatsApp, And Instagram Have Another Outage

For the second time within a month, Facebook’s three core services were down yet again. Reports starting coming in early this morning that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were down for users in several parts of the world. Users were unable to message each other and it was also not possible to load new content.

Hackers Were Able To Access Some Outlook.com Accounts For Months

Microsoft has revealed that hackers were able to access some Outlook.com accounts for a few months earlier this year. The company discovered that the credentials for an Outlook.com support agent had been compromised which provided unauthorized access to some accounts from January 1st through March 28th, 2019.

Facebook ‘Clear History’ Tool Delayed Once Again

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced at the company’s F8 developers’ conference last year that a “Clear History” tool would be offered to users. It would allow them to delete their account history. The tool was supposed to be released last year but it was delayed to “spring 2019.” The company has now confirmed that it has been delayed once again.