Facebook Allows Page Admins To Reply To Instagram DMs From FB Inbox

Amid reports that Facebook is looking to unify its messaging apps, and it owns the most popular ones, it has now allowed admins of Facebook Pages to respond to their Instagram Direct Messages right from the Page’s inbox. This would make it much easier for them to communicate with their audience spread across the two Facebook-owned platforms.

Apple Removing Safari’s ‘Do Not Track’ Feature

It appears that the next version of Apple’s Safari browser is going to ditch the “Do Not Track” feature. The release notes for Safari v12.1 mention that this version is going to remove “support for the expired Do Not Track standard to prevent potential use as a fingerprinting variable.”

Flickr Extends Image Deletion Deadline To March 12th

Flickr introduced a new pricing plan last year. Users had to pay $50 for the Pro tier which would allow unlimited storage of photos. The company decided to limit users on the free tier to just 1,000 image uploads. Those who were over the limit were told to either pay $50 for the membership or backup the additional images because Flickr would delete them by February 5th. That deadline has […]

YouTube CEO Agrees 2018 Rewind Video Was ‘Cringey’

YouTube has a tradition of putting up a Rewind video towards the end of every year which recaps some of the biggest highlights of the platform for the outgoing year. It did the same in 2018 but viewers didn’t like it one bit. The 2018 Rewind video actually ended up breaking the record for the most disliked video on YouTube. It broke the record merely a week after it was […]


Google Chrome Dark Mode Arrives In Canary

The dark mode is a much-loved user interface feature that’s increasingly being adopted by both platforms and apps. Samsung has added a system-wide dark mode with its One UI skin for Android 9 Pie. Apple is said to be working on a dark mode for the next major iOS update as well. Google has been developing this option for its popular Chrome browser as well.

New Google Extension Checks Your Password Security

Password Checkup is a new extension for the Chrome browser from Google itself. The company aims to provide password security to users with this extension. Password Checkup will automatically check whether the users’ passwords have been leaked in a data breach. Once the extension is installed, users’ credentials are double checked against a database of almost four billion usernames and passwords. Users are warned if a match is found.

YouTube Discussing Options To Prevent ‘Dislike’ Button Abuse

The Like and Dislike buttons on YouTube allow viewers to provide feedback to creators about the videos they upload. More often than not, “dislike mobs” get together to target a video by disliking it en masse without even watching. This is something that obviously irks creators and YouTube has been discussing its options to prevent it.

Crypto Exchange Founder’s Death Leaves $190 Million In Limbo

QuadrigaCX, a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, finds itself in a pickle after the death of its 30 year old founder Gerald Cotten. The founder was the only person who had the passwords to the exchange’s cold storage. This means that most of the $190 million in client holdings that the exchange has are now stuck in limbo.

Hulu Teams Up With World Famous Egg For Mental Health Awareness

You may have heard that a stock image of a plain egg broke the record for the most liked picture on Instagram last month. It took away Kylie Jenner’s bragging rights for having the most liked picture on the popular social network. The account that achieved this incredible feat is now putting that reach to good use. Hulu has teamed up with the world famous egg to raise awareness about […]

Hackers Are Distributing 2.2 Billion Leaked Records For Free

Hackers who breach online services tend to sell the stolen credentials on the dark web. There have been quite a few significant leaks in recent years in which credentials of hundreds of millions of users were leaked. It appears that some hackers have put most of those leaked credentials together in one handy bundle that contains 2.2 billion unique usernames and passwords. This database is now being distributed online for […]

New Hulu Ad Will Appear When You Pause

Hulu may have cut the price of its ad-supported plan recently but it’s now announcing the launch of a new ad unit. Majority of its subscribers are on the ad-supported plan so ads are an important source of revenue for the streaming company. The new ad unit will come up when the user pauses whatever they’re streaming. The only good news is that it won’t be a video ad.

Dailymotion Confirms It Was Hit By Credential Stuffing Attack

Dailymotion, a widely used video sharing platform, has confirmed over the weekend that it was hit by a credential stuffing attack. This is a form of cyberattack where hackers use combinations of usernames and passwords that have leaked in earlier breaches and try to gain access through them on other websites.

YouTube Inverts Resolution Options In Quality Picker

YouTube lets you pick the playback quality to suit your internet situation. If you’ve got a reasonably fast connection, it will start off at a lower resolution and automatically ramp it up to the highest possible setting based on your connection speed. You could also do this manually and the video streaming service has now switched up the order in which the resolution options are listed in the quality picker.

FTC Being Pushed To Break Up Facebook

Facebook has gone through a tough time following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal but it doesn’t seem to be out of the woods just yet. Some major advocacy groups are calling on the Federal Trade Commission to take stringent measures against the world’s largest social network, including breaking it up as punishment for abuse of its market position.