Amazon Spark Has Been Shut Down

Amazon Spark was launched a couple of years ago. It was best described as Amazon’s iteration of Instagram, in that it relied on images to make shopping discovery easier for customers. It didn’t really take off and was nowhere near as popular as Instagram so perhaps that’s why Amazon has now decided that it’s time to pull the plug on this service.

Visa And Mastercard-Backed Facebook Cryptocurrency Said To Launch Next Week

Facebook is reportedly close to launching its Libra cryptocurrency that it has been working on for quite some time now. The last we heard about it was when it was said that Facebook was looking to secure backing from major partners. A new report claims that Facebook’s cryptocurrency will be backed by partners such as Visa, Mastercard, and Uber when it launches next week.

Dynamic Emails In Gmail Will Be Live For All Users From July 2

Dynamic emails were introduced in Gmail earlier this year in March. It evolved Gmail beyond a messaging platform by enabling users to interact with more content without having to exit their mailbox. For example, they could respond to comments, RSVP to events, fill out forms, and more. The feature was only available in beta for a few months but it’s going to be rolled out officially to all G Suite […]

Google Drive And Photos Integration Is Ending To Reduce Confusion

It has long been possible to sync uploads between Google Photos and Google Drive but that will no longer the case. Google has decided to end the integration between these two services in the interest of reducing confusion for its users. The idea here is to simplify the experience across Drive and Photos.


Facebook Launches Blood Donation Feature In The U.S.

Facebook has been working with blood donation centers across the globe as they use the platform to find potential donors and reach out to them as and when required. Facebook is now expanding its Blood Donations feature to the United States. It’s teaming up with some leading organizations for this in the country.

Facebook Watch Videos Bring In 720 Million People Monthly

Facebook Watch is the social network’s dedicated video hub which offers a variety of content to viewers. The company has been working hard to bring more people to the platform and it has now revealed that more than 720 million people tune into Facebook Watch per month. Some 140 million people spend at least one minute on Facebook Watch daily.

Opera’s ‘Gaming Browser’ Lets Users Control CPU Usage

Opera today announced what it calls a “gaming browser,” it’s a version of the Opera browser that’s meant to appeal to gamers. It does provide them smart features that will make sense to those who really want further customization on their gaming rigs. Other than that, the gaming browser is unlikely to appeal to the average users.

Russia Will Start Banning Major VPN Services

Travelers to Russia might want to take note. The country may soon begin to block some major VPN services after they refused to link up with a national blacklist which would prevent their users from accessing the blacklisted websites even when using the VPN service. It’s expected that the ban on these VPNs could be enforced within a month.

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency May Launch This Month

It has been reported multiple times over the past few months that Facebook has been working on a cryptocurrency of its own. If a new report is to be believed, the world’s largest social network may come out with its own digital currency in the very near future. It’s claimed that Facebook’s cryptocurrency is going to launch later this month.

U.S. Now Asks For Social Media Information From Visa Applicants

Most applicants for a visa for the United States will now be required to submit their social media information along with their visa applications. This new policy of the Trump administration has gone into effect over the weekend. It applies to most visa applicants, including those visiting the country temporarily, and they will need to list their social media identifiers in a drop-down menu along with some other personal information.

PewDiePie Loses As Rival Channel Becomes First To Hit 100 Million Subscribers

PewDiePie was the YouTuber with the most amount of subscribers for the longest time and for the most part, he seemed set to become the first to hit 100 million subscribers. However, Bollywood music channel T-Series started catching up to him which started off the whole PewDiePie vs T-Series competition. While the former bowed out of the competition a couple of months ago after T-Series overtook him, it has now […]

Flipboard Database Leaked Usernames And Passwords

It’s not uncommon for online services to get infiltrated which results in the username and passwords of countless users being compromised. That is precisely what has happened with Flipboard. The news aggregator has confirmed that some of its databases were accessed by an unauthorized copy which resulted in usernames and passwords of its users being compromised.

Guests Can Now Join Your Twitter Live Video Broadcasts

It has long been possible to broadcast video live on Twitter but even though the company allowed Periscope users to open their streams to guests back in February this year, it waited to offer this same functionality on Twitter proper. The company today confirmed that users will now be able to add guests to their live video broadcasts on Twitter. The feature will be available in both the iOS and […]

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency ‘GlobalCoin’ Expected To Launch Next Year

Facebook is working on a digital currency of its own and a new report claims that the company will launch it at some point next year. Internally referred to as “GlobalCoin,” the company is expected to provide more details about its cryptocurrency later this summer. It may even begin testing the GlobalCoin towards the end of this year.