Google Confirms ARCore Support For Acer Chromebook Tab 10

Google has been preparing for the upcoming fall semester by adding new features to Classroom over the past couple of months. The features are available on the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 as well which is the first tablet to be powered by Google’s web-based Chrome OS. The company has now announced that it’s adding support for its ARCore augmented reality platform to the tablet.

iOS 12 Beta Hints At iPad With Rounded Displays

Unlike Apple’s iPhones, the design evolution of the iPad has been more subtle where the changes made weren’t too drastic over the years. However given the direction that the iPhone seems to be headed at in terms of design, it wouldn’t be surprising if the iPad were to head that way as well.

Icon Found In iOS 12 Beta Hints At iPad With Slimmer Bezels, No Home Button

Now that Apple has ditched the home button for the iPhone and is expected to do that for future models moving forwards, we can imagine that the same will eventually be done to the iPad. However when exactly that will happen remains to be seen, but could that future be closer than we think?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Becomes Official

Since February 2018, we’ve talked about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, but it was only on June 19 that a late Summer launch had become probable. This was reinforced by an Tab S4 FCC approval on June 26, then a steady trail of evidence like the keyboard/cover accessory, rumors of an Iris Scanner + Samsung Dex compatibility, and finally the accurate launch date of August 1st 2018.


Amazon Now Taking Pre-Orders For Microsoft’s Surface Go Tablet

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft launched their latest Surface tablet in the form of the Surface Go. Shortly after the launch Microsoft started taking pre-orders for the device via the official Microsoft Store, but in case you prefer doing your shopping on Amazon for whatever reason, Amazon has also started to accept pre-orders for the tablet as well.

New iPad Pro Lineup Might Ditch The Headphone Jack

Ever since Apple ditched the standard 3.5mm headphone jack on recent iPhone models there has been speculation that the company will do this for its other mobile devices as well. A new report has surfaced which claims that the upcoming iPad Pro lineup is not only going to be slightly smaller than its predecessor but will also ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Launch Said To Take Place On August 1st

There have been countless reports over the past few months that Samsung has a new flagship tablet in the pipeline. It’s the successor to the Galaxy Tab S3 and will most likely be called the Galaxy Tab S4. Samsung hasn’t confirmed as yet when this tablet is going to be launched but a new report claims that the company will officially unveil the device on August 1st.

Idaho Inmates Hacked Prison Tablets & Stole $225,000

In a report from the Associated Press, it appears that 364 prison inmates from Idaho were recently caught in a scheme discovered earlier this month which involved hacking the prison tablets and stealing nearly a quarter of a million dollars by transferring various sums of money to their own accounts.

How To Turn Off Auto-Correct in Android

Auto-correct is a double-edged sword. If you are a fast-typer – like yours truly – then it can be quite helpful in correcting typos and misspells. Though, it can also be a very frustrating ordeal as it often places in words that have no correlation with the meaning of the rest of the phrase.

Panasonic’s Android Toughbooks’ Batteries Can Be Swapped On The Fly

If there is a “problem” with many a smartphone these days is that most of them are starting to feature batteries that cannot be swapped out or replaced easily. This means that if your phone’s battery is depleted, you can’t just swap in a fresh one. However Panasonic has decided to keep that feature around with its new Android Toughbooks.

Galaxy Tab S4 Iris Scanner Confirmed By Firmware

A couple of renders of the Galaxy Tab S4 have appeared online in recent weeks. Some of you may have noticed that Samsung’s upcoming flagship tablet doesn’t have a physical home button. So there’s no fingerprint sensor on the front but the renders also show that there isn’t one at the back as well. This meant that the tablet may not have the sensor and that does appear to be […]

Full Adobe Photoshop For iPad Being Developed

Apple has been focusing on enabling users to do much more with the iPad than they ever could. The company added many features with iOS 11 to offer PC-like functionality but there are still many core desktop apps that can’t run on the tablet just yet. At least Adobe seems to be stepping forward to bridge this gap. The company is reportedly developing a full version of its popular Photoshop […]

Galaxy Tab S4 Accessories Break Cover In Leaked Renders

The Galaxy Note 9 isn’t the only high-end product that Samsung fans are looking forward to. The company also has a new tablet in the pipeline which it’s due to release in a couple of months. A couple of new renders have been leaked online which provide us with our first look at the Galaxy Tab S4 accessories.

Microsoft Launches Surface Go Tablet For $399

There were reports that Microsoft could be launching a cheaper Surface tablet in the near future and the teaser that the company published yesterday suggested as much. The company has now announced the launch of its Surface Go tablet and as expected, it’s priced at $399. The idea with this product is to better compete against the iPad and Chromebooks which are popular in this price range.