Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Officially Announced

Last year Samsung launched the Galaxy Book which was the company’s take and attempt to compete with Microsoft’s Surface tablets. We have heard rumors that a successor could be in the works and sure enough Samsung has since officially launched the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Windows tablet.

New Report ‘Confirms’ Upcoming iPad Pro Will Ditch Lightning For USB-C

For years Apple has refused to conform to industry standards for its iOS device connectors. The company has continued to use its proprietary connectors for iOS devices, but there have been rumors that suggests that the upcoming iPad Pro refresh could see Apple ditch Lightning for the USB-C industry standard.

Apple’s New iPad & Mac Announcements Set For October 30

While Apple might have refreshed some of its products already, such as the MacBook Pro and the iPhone, there are still several products that Apple has yet to update. This includes the iPad Pro, the MacBook Air, the 12-inch MacBook, and the iMac. Many expected these devices to be announced this month, and it looks like Apple has finally confirmed it.

Leaked iPad Pro Case Seemingly Confirms Face ID

When Apple introduced Touch ID on the iPhone, it didn’t take too long before we started seeing Touch ID on iPads as well. This is why when there were rumors of Face ID potentially making its way onto the iPad, it didn’t really come as a surprise as it was really only a matter of when, but could it come in the 2018 refresh?


Lenovo Reportedly Working With LG On Foldable Tablet

When you think of devices with flexible/foldable displays, there’s a good chance that you might be thinking of Samsung and their upcoming foldable smartphone. However there are other companies who are working on such tech too, such as Lenovo who has in the past shown off various foldable concepts.

Adobe Announces ‘Real’ Photoshop Coming To The iPad In 2019

Adobe’s photo and image editing apps have always been available on mobile devices, although they are usually slightly different compared to their desktop counterparts, where they usually offer up the very basic features for light editing on the go. However that will change in 2019 as Adobe will be launching the “real” Photoshop experience on the iPad.

Alleged Render Of The 2018 iPad Pro Leaked

For those shopping for a new iPad, it seems that maybe holding off for a few weeks might be a good idea. This is because according to the rumors, Apple is expected to launch a brand new iPad Pro in the coming weeks, and now thanks to a leaked render shared on Twitter by Ben Geskin (who has accurately leaked renders in the past), we have an idea of what […]

2018 iPad Pros Expected To Maintain The Same Resolution

When it comes to display resolution, Apple hasn’t really hopped on board the whole QHD or 4K trend as far as mobile devices are concerned. This has led to criticism of the company’s products, and unfortunately if you were hoping that the 2018 iPad Pros would be getting a bump in resolution, you’ll be disappointed to learn that won’t be happening.

MRI Machine Accident Rendered Every iOS Device In Proximity Useless

Our phones and tablets are electronic devices which means that there are some instances where we need to be careful about how we handle them. In a post on Reddit by user harritaco, they share an interesting story of how during the installation of an MRI machine at their workplace, an accident occurred when resulted in nearby iOS devices being disabled.

2018 iPad Pro Could Ditch The Headphone Jack

When Apple introduced the iPhone 7, they decided to get rid of the headphone jack. It was a controversial move but one that we’re seeing other handset makers slowly start to adopt. The removal was only for the iPhone, but now it looks like it could be extended to Apple’s iPads as well.

Samsung’s Foldable Phone Can Be Expanded Into A Tablet

For years we’ve been hearing about Samsung’s plan to launch a foldable smartphone, and last month Samsung pretty much confirmed that we might be able to learn more about the handset later this year. Now according to a report from CNET, additional details about the upcoming handset have been revealed.

TSMC Expected To Be Exclusive Manufacturer For Apple’s A13 Chip

For the past few iPhone and iPad generations, TSMC has been pretty much the exclusive manufacturer of Apple’s A-series chips. Before that TSMC and Samsung shared production orders, and even earlier than that Samsung held the exclusivity, although the lawsuit with Apple and also TSMC’s advancement in the manufacturing process eventually edged them out.

Potential New iPad Models Registered In China

It is largely believed that Apple will be announcing new iPads later this month. Given that we haven’t seen any refresh of the iPad Pro lineup this year, it stands to reason that a refresh could indeed be on its way before the end of the year, and October is as good a time as any, especially if Apple wants the new tablets to be ready in time for the […]

Apple Confirms iOS 12 Installed On 50% Of Devices

About a week ago based on data from Mixpanel, it was suggested that adoption of iOS 12 was sitting around 46%. This wasn’t official but as it turns out, Mixpanel did come pretty close as according to Apple’s own official figures posted on its Developer page (via 9to5Mac), they have confirmed that iOS 12 has been installed on over 50% of iOS devices to date.