HYPER Launches USB-C Hub For The iPad Pro

When Apple announced their new 2018 iPad Pros, what was interesting about the announcement was that Apple decided to drop the use of their proprietary Lightning port in favor of a more universal port, the USB-C. This immediately opened up all kinds of doors that would change how users used the tablet.

LSAT Goes Digital Exclusively With Surface Go Tablets

The LSAT exam for law schools in the United States is making a big transition to a digital formet starting with the July 2019 LSAT test. It has chosen to enter into a broad technology collaboration with Microsoft for this purpose. Thousands of Microsoft Surface Go tablets will be used by aspirants who take the test to clinch a place in law schools across North America. More than 99 percent […]

How To Request App Refunds For iOS Apps

Did you know that Apple allows users to request refunds for apps bought from its App Store? You wouldn’t think this is the case considering that the refund feature isn’t mentioned, nor is accessing it very obvious, but you’ll be happy to learn that you can request for a refund for an app.

Apple Is Now Selling The 18W USB-C Power Adapter Separately

Unlike Android smartphones that seem to utilize technology by Qualcomm to enable fast charging, iPhone users who want to fast charge their devices will need to purchase separate accessories in order to make that happen. Now if fast charging is something you want for your iPhone, then you’ll be interested to learn that Apple is now selling its 18W USB-C power adapter by itself.


Microsoft’s ‘Andromeda’ Foldable Device Could Launch In 2019

It seems that foldable smartphones are the next trend in mobile devices. So far we know that companies such as Samsung plan to launch such a device, although if some of you recall, they are not alone. In fact last year there were rumors suggesting that Microsoft could have a foldable device in the works codenamed “Andromeda”.

Apple Music Beta For Android Supports Tablets

If you’re subscribed to Apple Music and you’re using iOS devices like an iPhone and an iPad, then you know that Apple Music works across either device. However for those on Android, it is a different story, but for Android users who are subscribed to Apple Music, you might be interested to learn that the latest beta for the app now supports tablets.

Chrome OS Will Soon Be Able To Request For Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile-friendly websites aren’t automatically generated and it is the onus of the developer to create a theme friendly for mobile. However sometimes mobile websites lack certain features that the desktop version has, which is why users using mobile browsers have the option to request for the desktop version of the website.

iOS 12 Adoption Hits The 75% Mark

It has been less than six months since Apple released iOS 12, but it seems that three quarters of iOS devices have been found to be running the software. This is according to the numbers by Mixpanel in which it suggests that iOS 12 adoption has managed to cross slightly above the 75% mark, putting it well ahead of iOS 11’s adoption rate.

Netflix For iOS Updated With Better Media Controls

Netflix’s app on iOS works just fine where it does pretty much what it says it will do. However for those who enjoy scrubbing through their TV shows and movies, that’s where the Netflix app falls short, where its scrubbing abilities certainly leave a lot to be desired, especially compared to the version that can be found on smart TVs.

Some Surface Pro 4 Units Are Being Replaced After Failed Firmware Update

We’ve seen instances in the past where an update to a device has caused problems, although usually this can be fixed by issuing another update that addresses the issue. However it’s not often that we come across updates that actually render the device unusable to the point where they might need replacing.

Apple’s New iPad Pro Seems To Bend Pretty Easily

We’ve all accidentally sat on our devices before, and for the most part most of them escape unscathed. However with Apple’s new iPad Pro, you might want to check to make sure you don’t sit down on it because based on a test conducted by JerryRigEverything, it appears that Apple’s new iPad Pros bend pretty easily.

Luna Turns Your iPad Pro Into A Display For The Mac Mini

One of the upsides of the Mac Mini is that it is small and portable which means that placing it anywhere in your home is possible, as long as you have a display that you can attach to it (along with a keyboard and mouse). However if you’d rather not get a separate display, it seems that the folks at Luna Display have stumbled upon a pretty cool alternative.

11-inch iPad Pro VS 10.5-inch iPad Pro In Performance Comparison

Last month Apple took the wraps off their new iPad Pros. Apple changed up the design of the iPad Pro to give it an edge-to-edge display, and in the case of the smaller version, it allowed Apple to offer up a larger display while keeping the entire body roughly the same size, which bumped it to an 11-inch display.

Apple Pencil Teardown Hints At Potential New Features

The first-gen Apple Pencil was a pretty straightforward device that allowed users to use it with the iPad Pro, Apple improved upon its functionality with the launch of the second-gen Apple Pencil that was announced alongside the newly-designed iPad Pro. Now thanks to a teardown of the device by the folks at iFixit, it seems that the device could potentially do more than advertised.