Google Play Update Helps Make App Installs Smaller

Just like computers, when smartphones were first launched, apps in general weren’t that big. However as our phones got more capable, app install sizes got larger to accommodate all the necessary assets, such as higher-res audio files, higher-res textures for graphics in games, and so on.

OnePlus Delays Rollout Of Android 9.0 Pie Update For Its Phones

So we know that OnePlus has promised that they will be bringing the Android 9.0 Pie update to its eligible phones. Some devices have since received the update, but unfortunately for older devices like the OnePlus 3, 3T, 5, and 5T, it seems that the update has been delayed due to additional work that is needed to be done.

Google Will Charge Android Device Makers To Use Its Apps In Europe

Android, for the most part, is free to use, which is one of the many reasons why the platform is so popular and has been adopted by various handset makers around the world. However it seems that over in Europe, things are going to change as Google will start charging Android device makers a fee for using its apps.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review: Hands-On Editor's Pick

Huawei has just launched the Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20 in London, UK. Both handsets share the same industrial design, with the Pro version having extended capabilities. The Huawei Mate 20 (4GB + 128GB configuration) will have a MSRP of EUR799 and the HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro (6GB + 128GB configuration) will have a MSRP of EUR849 from October 16th, 2018. Both devices will be available in countries including […]


Microsoft Cortana Gets A Redesigned App For iOS & Android

iOS has Siri and Android has Google Assistant, so Microsoft’s Cortana’s existence on either platform does put it in a somewhat weird position, but it is there nonetheless or those who might prefer using Cortana for whatever reason. Now it looks like Microsoft is working on an update to the software that will give it a redesign.

WhatsApp For Android Lets You Download GIFs Before Sending Them

One of the features of WhatsApp is that you can search for GIFs and send them directly. However sometimes the GIF repository might not have the GIF you want, which is when you might choose to share a link to a GIF instead. Now on Android it appears that WhatsApp is allowing users to download the GIFs before sending them.

OnePlus 6 Review

Since its inception in 2014, with the $299 OnePlus X, OnePlus aims at delivering the best features at a great price, and the OnePlus 6 fits perfectly in the strategy at an impressively high level. At $530 (6GB/64GB) or even $580 (8GB/64GB), the OnePlus 6 plays in the Premium Smartphone category, however, due to its powerful performance and a significant number of high-quality features, the phone feels more like a […]

Android Pie Backups Now Encrypted With Your Lock Screen’s Password

One of the frustrating things experienced by law enforcement officials and agencies is trying to get into the phone of a suspect. This is because companies such as Apple and Google have made it so that only the users themselves know the passwords to their phones (assuming they use one), so even if they wanted to, they couldn’t unlock devices remotely.

Fortnite For Android Now Open To All

Fortnite launching on Android was only a matter of time following the release on iOS. However its availability was a bit tricky as Epic had made the game’s initial release an invite-only thing, meaning that users had to be invited to take part in the beta in order to get their hands on it, but the good news is that things have changed since.

Honor 8X: An Affordable 6.5-inch Premium Android Phone Editor's Pick

The Honor 8X is an affordable phone with a 6.5-inch full-screen design that looks like a high-end smartphone. When you hold it in, the phone doesn’t feel cheap, and many people would be surprised to learn how much it actually costs.

Vivo V11 Review: Fullscreen Android With In-Screen Fingerprint Reader Editor's Pick

The Vivo V11 delivers a stunning display in a thin-and-light form-factor, which is a priority for many users but its speed is not as high as near competitors.

Google Is Killing Off Its ‘Reply’ App

One of the features that we’ve been seeing Google do with its services is introduce ways to quickly reply to messages. It was initially introduced in Gmail where based on the content of the message, users could choose from various “smart” replies for something simple. Google then decided to try applying it system wide with the launch of its Reply app.

How To Find Exactly Which Android Phone Model You Have

With so many smartphones out there, it is quite possible to forget the model name of your Android device. It can happen to all of us. So what do you do when you can’t recall which phone you have? In this tutorial, we are going to be showing you how to identify your Android smartphone’s model, in a matter of seconds.

How To Find Data Usage On Android

If you are like yours truly, then you most likely spend a lot of time online while being on the go. Whether it is checking email or watching YouTube videos on the sub, one’s monthly data consumption can take off without even realizing it, leading to a potential “bill shock”.