These Photos Of People Are Actually Not Real, Were Generated By AI

We’ve seen how AI can be used rather disturbingly for deepfake videos, and it seems that AI is only getting better at this. NVIDIA has recently published their latest work on AI (via Motherboard) and as you can see in the video above, those are actually not photos of real people, but rather images generated by AI.

Google Chromebooks Gets Better Screen Time Management Features

If you’re looking for a better way to manage screen time on Chromebooks, you’ll be pleased to learn that in an update to Chrome OS, Google has rolled out better screen time management features to the laptop. Prior to this, Chromebooks did come with parental controls although they were a bit limited.

Microsoft 365 For Consumers Reportedly In The Works

Last time when you wanted to purchase a software, you’d pay for it one time and you’d be done. The only downside is that whenever new major versions are released, you’d have to pay for those to get the upgrades. However these days companies are starting to offer up subscriptions, where for a monthly/annual fee, you can get all the upgrades for “free”.

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen Laptop Officially Announced

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series sets itself apart from other smartphones by coming with a bundled stylus in the form of the S Pen, which when coupled with the software on the phone turns it into more than just a stylus. If you are a fan of the S Pen but wanted a larger surface to work with, you’re in luck.


Woman Who Created The First True Word Processor Dies

Evelyn Berezin is widely regarded as the creator of the world’s first word processor. Her company Redactron launched the Data Secretary in 1971. It was widely regarded as the world’s first data processor. Berezin, a pioneer of her time, is no more.

Corsair Is Now Selling Dummy RAM Modules With LED Lights

These days a lot of companies that make computer parts and accessories are introducing LED lights to their products. For example there are LEDs in liquid cooling systems, fans, cases itself, and RAM modules. Usually these kinds of products tend to come with a premium, but what if you wanted the lights minus the costs?

Microsoft Office Update For macOS Introduces Dark Mode

A couple of months ago, Microsoft announced that the upcoming update to their Office suite of productivity apps on macOS would soon gain support for dark mode, which is one of the features of macOS Mojave. Given that dark mode isn’t applied automatically to all apps, it’s nice to see developers start to adopt it.

LG Unveils New Gram Laptops Ahead Of CES 2019

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, you might be interested to learn that come 2019 LG might have a couple of new laptops for you. The company has recently unveiled brand new laptops that are part of their “Gram” series ahead of CES 2019, which means that come 2019 these might be models to keep an eye out for.

Super Micro Investigation Found No Malicious Chips In Motherboards

A couple of months ago, a report from Bloomberg suggested that Apple’s servers and other companies that used Super Micro’s tech were compromised. This was said to have been due to Chinese spies planting a tiny chip in the motherboards of the servers that could relay information back to China.

Latest macOS Update Hints At AMD Vega GPUs Coming To More Macs

Last month Apple officially released their MacBook Pros that used AMD’s new Vega GPUs. At the moment these are the only Mac computers that are using it. We expect that more of these GPUs will find their way to other Mac computers in the future, and a recent report from Phoronix (via AppleInsider) seemingly confirms that.

HYPER Launches USB-C Hub For The iPad Pro

When Apple announced their new 2018 iPad Pros, what was interesting about the announcement was that Apple decided to drop the use of their proprietary Lightning port in favor of a more universal port, the USB-C. This immediately opened up all kinds of doors that would change how users used the tablet.

Microsoft To Support Chrome Extensions For Edge

Microsoft announced last week that it’s moving to the Chromium open source project for its Edge browser. What that means is that Microsoft’s browser is now going to be built using the same web rendering engine that Google uses for the Chrome. This has led to many questions, one of the biggest being whether Edge will get Chrome extensions support as well. Microsoft has replied in what seems to be […]

LSAT Goes Digital Exclusively With Surface Go Tablets

The LSAT exam for law schools in the United States is making a big transition to a digital formet starting with the July 2019 LSAT test. It has chosen to enter into a broad technology collaboration with Microsoft for this purpose. Thousands of Microsoft Surface Go tablets will be used by aspirants who take the test to clinch a place in law schools across North America. More than 99 percent […]

How To Request App Refunds For iOS Apps

Did you know that Apple allows users to request refunds for apps bought from its App Store? You wouldn’t think this is the case considering that the refund feature isn’t mentioned, nor is accessing it very obvious, but you’ll be happy to learn that you can request for a refund for an app.