Apple Sued Over Fatal Fire Caused By Defective iPad

Due to the fact that the majority of our electronics are powered by lithium-ion batteries, it carries the risk of the device exploding and catching on fire. For the most part the number of devices exploding and catching on fire is pretty low in the grand scheme of things, but when it happens, it can be disastrous.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: 10.5-inch, 0.87 Lbs, Android Tablet

Ahead of Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC 19) Samsung has announced a new Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab S5e: its thinnest and lightest Android tablet to date.

Virtual Desktops Are Coming Soon To Chrome OS

Chrome OS has typically been viewed as a “lightweight” operating system aimed at students and users who don’t really need much from their computers except for some productivity work and surfing the web. However if you love Chrome OS and wouldn’t mind to see it get more robust features, you’re in luck.

Some Dell Hybrid Laptop Power Adapters Have Been Recalled

The Dell Hybrid Power Adapter is essentially a power brick and a power bank that lets users have backup power for their notebook even when they’re not close to an outlet. It’s a modular power adapter with a 2-in-1 design that lets users carry one or both the adapter and power bank. Some of those hybrid adapters have now been recalled due to shock risks.


Google Chrome 73 Will Bring Official Multimedia Key Support

A feature that many Google Chrome users would have long been waiting for is going to arrive with the popular browser’s next update. Chrome 73 will be the first version of Google’s web browser that will have official support for multimedia keys that users have on laptop and desktop keyboards. The support will initially be rolled out for Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows. It will arrive for Linux at a […]

Skype Video Calls Get Automatic Background Blur

Not too keen on showing the background when you’re in a Skype video call? Microsoft is introducing just the perfect solution for you. The company has revealed that Skype will now automatically blur the background in a video call so that the focus always remains on the subject and not what’s behind them.

Adobe Premiere Bug Is Permanently Damaging MacBook Pro Speakers

Sometimes we come across software bugs that can cause the software to crash, cause the operating system to reboot, but it isn’t very often that we run into software bugs that can cause permanent and physical damage to a computer’s hardware components. Unfortunately for some MacBook Pro users, that’s what happened to them.

Microsoft Confirms Build 2019 Conference For May 6th

Microsoft talks about the future of Windows at its annual Build conference. Many look forward to the event to see what software advancements Redmond has to share. It has now confirmed the dates for Build 2019. The event will kick off on May 6th this year at the Washington State Convention Center at its home city of Seattle.

Chrome WIll Soon Warn Users Of ‘Lookalike URLs’

There are some malicious websites that rely on users typing in the wrong address. We’re sure that this has happened to many of us before, where we type in the URL of a website we thought was correct, only to end up at a different website. This could be as simple as a typo in the URL, or using .net or .org instead of .com, and so on.

Firefox Update Makes Blocking Trackers More Transparent

These days we’re seeing how more developers are starting to build more robust privacy protection features into their browsers, whether it be ad or tracker blocking. However sometimes it can be a bit confusing as to what is being blocked, especially for users who might not be tech savvy and have no idea what’s going on.

New iPad, iPad Mini Coming This Spring

Apple refreshed their lineup of iPad Pros last year which means that we probably won’t be seeing a refresh of that anytime soon. This means that in terms of iPad refreshes, what we can expect to see is a refresh to last year’s budget iPad, and if the rumors are true, the iPad mini as well which has been neglected for quite a while.

iOS 13 Could Come With A System-Wide Dark Mode

With the latest version of macOS, Apple introduced dark mode to its desktop operating system. Dark mode seems to be a trending feature in the recent years where many are starting to appreciate the ability to give apps a darker look to make it less glaring. The good news is that it looks like the feature could be coming to iOS as well.

Chrome OS Multiple Account Support Goes Live In Canary

The Chrome OS feature that allows users to log into multiple Google accounts at the same time was first spotted in September last year. This feature has been in development over the past few months and it has now gone live in the Canary channel. This suggests that the feature may soon be rolled out to the public.

Razer Launches A Pink Laptop In Time For Valentine’s Day

Looking to get something in pink for your significant other on Valentine’s Day? How about a limited edition Razer laptop? The company to announced its first gaming laptop which is basically the limited edition Razer Blade Stealth Quartz laptop in pink color. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan says that this color is going to “steal hearts everywhere.”