Snapdragon 865 Gets 144Hz Gaming, Performance BoostEditor's Pick
This Snapdragon 865 gaming overview deserves to have a standalone article because we’re going to refer to this page in future smartphone coverage. The number of updates since Snapdragon 855 is rather substantial and will have a significant impact on mobile gaming.

You Might Soon Be Able To Play Pokemon GO On Augmented Reality Glasses
The concept of augmented reality gaming isn’t really all that new, but admittedly it took off in a huge way when Niantic launched Pokemon GO. We imagine that the popularity of the Pokemon franchise probably played a big role in helping the game achieve its success, but regardless, it did help take AR gaming to the mainstream.

Nintendo Sold Over 800,000 Switch Units Over The Thanksgiving Weekend
Nintendo’s Switch console has been doing rather well and we imagine that it is probably a holiday present that many people are after. In fact, that’s exactly what happened because according to the numbers, it seems that the Nintendo Switch has done very well for itself over the Thanksgiving weekend.

NVIDIA Demo Video Shows Why Higher FPS Can Help You Be Better At eSports
Want to get better at eSports? If you do, then you might want to consider investing in a high-end gaming PC that will allow you to play games at a higher frame rate. Now, it might seem a bit superficial that to get good at eSports, you need better hardware, but in a demo video shared by NVIDIA, they are proving that this could be quite an important aspect to […]


Someone Used Sony’s PlayStation Network To Sell Drugs
Thanks to online communities and online store fronts that anyone can create without much oversight, it seems that some of these services are being abused. In a report from Motherboard, it appears that Sony’s PlayStation Network was recently abused, where it was discovered that someone had used the online gaming service to sell drugs.

Valve Underestimates Demand For Steam Controllers, Ends Up Cancelling Them
Last week, Valve decided that they would be discontinuing its Steam Controller and to get rid of existing inventory, the company put them up for sale where they were being sold for a mere $5. It seems that maybe Valve had underestimated the demand for $5 gaming controllers because too many units were ordered, resulting in Valve cancelling some of them.

Congressman Pleads Guilty To Spending Campaign Funds On Video Games
When someone gives you money to spend on something, but you use it to spend on something else, that’s probably not right, especially if you’re a government official. Such is the case with US congressman Duncan D. Hunter who had recently pleaded guilty to spending funds that were meant for campaigning on other things, such as video game purchases on Steam.

Sony Essentially Confirms That They’re Done With The PS Vita
Back in the day before smartphones and tablets existed, companies like Nintendo and Sony thrived with handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS and the PS Vita. While Nintendo is continuing to churn out mobile gaming devices like the Switch and Switch Lite, Sony seems to be done with the PS Vita.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Could Be Coming For PlayStation
The Resident Evil series is unquestionably one of the greatest titles in the genre.Recently, the cover art for the remake of Resident Evil 3 was spotted on Sony’s PlayStation store. Gamstat was able to spot the leaked cover from the publicly available Sony’s API.For most of us, it should be Resident Evil 3. However, for the Japanese market, the game could be titled “Biohazard: RE 3”.We cannot be too sure […]

Vatican Priest Launches His Own Minecraft Server To Tackle Toxic Gaming
Due to the fact that more games are being created as multiplayer games, it also means that there is a rise in online communities, which in turn has also unfortunately resulted in some of them being rather toxic. However, in a bid to try and create a less toxic environment for gamers, a Vatican priest by the name of Fr. Robert Ballecer, decided to create the Vatican’s Minecraft server where […]

Stadia Pro To Offer Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition & Farming Simulator 19 For Free
We already witnessed Google’s addition of 10 new games for Stadia’s launch to make it more appealing. However, it looks like, there are more decisions to be taken for the ‘Pro’ Stadia subscribers.For the month of December, Google’s Stadia will offer 4 games in total for free – without needing to purchase them. They have announced the details on their Stadia community blog.While we have Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and […]

Dota 2 ‘The Outlanders’ Update Is Huge
Dota 2 is the most-played game on Steam in the MOBA genre. It is no shock that the game is available for free and offers a big learning curve while making it addictive to a gamer.Even though Valve is known to push a minor or balanced update for their games, Dota 2’s new update might say a different story.‘The Outlanders’ update on Dota 2 is shockingly huge. Overall, it adds […]

Valve’s Steam Controller Can Now Be Yours For $5
With the launch of Valve’s Steam Box, Valve also took the wraps off the Steam Controller. This is a unique piece of technology where it allowed gamers to play all manner of PC games using the controller, where its design makes it different from regular gamepads. However, Valve ultimately decided to end the production of said Steam Controller.

Pringles Just Built A Gaming Headset That Can Feed You Chips
Gaming and snacking go together really well, but sometimes it can be hard to interrupt a gaming session to grab some snacks. This is apparently a “problem” that Pringles is trying to solve, where through the use of 3D printing, they have created a gadget that will automatically feed its chips to gamers while they game.