A $100,000 VR eSports Tournament Will Be Sponsored by HP and Virtuix

eSports tournaments are gaining traction all over the globe. Not just limited to popular PC games like CS: GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, and several others – but it is now a thing for mobile games as well.In other words, no matter what the platform is – the competitive scene for gaming (in general) is improving a lot.Now, HP and Virtuix have joined hands to sponsor a virtual reality eSports […]

Microsoft Confirms Xbox One Controllers Will Work With Next-Gen Xbox

So we know that Microsoft is working on their next-gen Xbox console currently known as Project Scarlett. Typically with every new console release, what happens is that there will also be brand new accessories and controllers. In most cases, older accessories usually are no longer supported.

Razer Takes The Wraps Off Its New Viper Ultimate Wireless Gaming Mouse

If you’re in the market for a new gaming mouse, and you’re looking for the wireless variety, then you might be interested to learn that Razer has you covered. The company has recently taken the wraps off their latest gaming mouse in the form of the Razer Viper Ultimate, which according to the company, is apparently 25% faster than leading wireless gaming mice in the market today.

Steam’s Remote Play Together Now Available In Beta

Earlier this month, Valve teased an upcoming new feature for Steam in the form of Remote Play Together. If you were excited by the feature, you’ll be pleased to learn that Valve has since announced that the feature is currently in beta and that gamers who are interested will be able to take part in it.


More Evidence That Suggests That Diablo 4 Could Be Announced At BlizzCon 2019

BlizzCon is kicking off in November and according to recent speculation, it seems that there is a good chance that Blizzard could be announcing Diablo 4. Whether or not the rumors are true remains to be seen, but it should be pointed out that last year, there were similar rumors only for Blizzard to quash them later.

Google Stadia Will Require WiFi To Play At Launch

Game streaming could be the way of the future. The concept of game streaming is that most of the hard work is done remotely which reduces some of the bottlenecks that gamers face, which is on the hardware front where some gamers might have less than ideal experiences due to lower-end hardware.

US Congress Gets Involved In Hearthstone Player’s Suspension, Asks Blizzard To Reconsider

As you might have heard, Blizzard has come under massive fire recently for their decision to suspend a Hearthstone professional player for a year. This was because the player, Ng Wai Chung, also known as blitzchung, decided to show his support for the Hong Kong protests during his post-game interview.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Will Replace Loot Boxes With A Battle Pass System

Loot boxes are a controversial game feature that has been around for a while now. The idea is that you can pay money for a loot box and the items in it will be randomized, so you might not necessarily get what you want. This has drawn the ire of lawmakers, where some feel that it might be considered a form of gambling.

The $200 Analogue Pocket Is 2020’s Game Boy Device

The Game Boy is an 8-bit handheld game console by Nintendo. Of course, the new generation consoles (and gaming rigs) are great but the handheld consoles were purely meant for entertainment.Even if you did not get the chance to play Game Boy Advance games, you must have at least heard about them (or their games).Do not worry if you haven’t. A Seattle-based company ‘Analogue’ has come up with a new […]

League Of Legends Could Be Headed To The Nintendo Switch

Earlier, Riot announced League of Legends: Wild Rift. This is essentially a new version of the company’s incredibly popular League of Legends game, except that it has been redesigned to be played on mobile devices as well as consoles. Riot did not specify which consoles the game will be launching on, but it seems that the Nintendo Switch could be a possibility.

League Of Legends Will Be Coming To Mobile Devices

With how many of us own smartphones, it would be silly for developers to ignore the mobile gaming market. This is why we’re starting to see a rise in video games that were traditionally for PC or console being released on mobile as well. We’ve also started to see developers create games simultaneously for both mobile and PC and/or console.

Google Stadia Will Be Launching On November 19

Earlier this year, Google confirmed that they would be launching their game streaming service, Stadia, this coming November. Now the company has confirmed when exactly in November it will be launching, and if you’re interested, you’ll want to mark the date down for the 19th of November.

The Internet Archive Adds 2,500 MS-DOS Games

The Internet Archive is the biggest digital library that contains web pages, books, games, audio recordings, videos, and software tools.Even though it is a non-profit entity, it keeps on adding and archiving a lot of things on the Internet.Now, in an announcement on Sunday, Internet Archive revealed that it has updated its database of MS-DOS games by adding 2,500 more to the list. Of course, this is a big update.It’s […]

Invites To Try Microsoft’s Project xCloud Are Now Rolling Out

Game streaming feels like it could be the next big thing. With our internet speeds getting faster, what with 5G now being rolled out, it makes sense that we should be able to game on our phones and on any device wherever we are. Microsoft will be trying their hand at game streaming with Project xCloud, and if you’re curious, you can actually now take it for a spin.