Apple Rumored To Be Preparing Red iPhones Exclusive To China

Apple’s CEO has recently acknowledged that demand for the iPhone is weak and that China is one of the markets that the company is struggling in. However it seems that the company might have a way to turn things around by pandering to the Chinese market by launching a red iPhone XS and XS Max.

Test Compares The Cellular Speeds Of iPhones Over The Years

Over the years Apple has made improvements with each and every iPhone release, but for the most part, the company usually glosses over the more technical details and focuses more on the mainstream features, but this does not mean that they have not made changes under the hood.

Samsung’s Own App Leaks Upcoming Wearables And Headphones

MWC 2019 is coming up and it is expected to be a huge event where we will see a lot of announcements from various companies. Samsung will be hosting their own event where the Galaxy S10 will be announced. There are rumors that a 5G smartphone could also be announced, and the company’s foldable smartphone as well.

Google Pixel 3 Camera Review Editor's Pick

The Google Pixel 3 smartphone is often acclaimed as “the best phone camera” thanks to its near-legendary software stack. Legend or reality, our Image Quality (IQ) analysis will shed more light into real-world camera performance.Learn more: what is our Camera IQ score?


Apple Is Making It Easier To Manage Your Subscriptions

According to the rumors, Apple could be hosting an event on the 25th of March where they are expected to launch their new video streaming and news subscription service. In light of the potential launch of these services, Apple has made some changes to the way users manage their subscriptions.

WhatsApp Will Soon Let Users Decide Who Can Add Them To Groups

We’re sure that some of you have experienced this in the past where you have been added to a group filled with random strangers, presumably for the purpose of spam. It can be annoying, although the good news is that it isn’t too difficult to quit these groups. However there is good news for WhatsApp users in a future update.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Photos Revealed Ahead Of Announcement

Usually companies tend to wait until the official announcement before revealing their products in full. However in the case of Xiaomi, it seems that the company’s CEO decided to unveil their handset ahead of the official announcement, which for those unfamiliar is the Xiaomi Mi 9, the company’s next-gen flagship handset.

Samsung’s 2019 Galaxy A Lineup Leaked In Full

Come MWC 2019, Samsung will be taking the wraps off their Galaxy S10 lineup and possibly their foldable smartphone as well. However if you don’t want to spend that kind of money on a smartphone, not to worry because it seems that Samsung could also be launching a series of mid-rangers.

Nintendo’s Most Successful Smartphone Game Is ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’

Nintendo has launched several mobile games to date, a very different change in pace compared to several years ago when the company was adamant about not launching games on mobile. Turns out it was a great decision because according to the latest data from Sensor Tower (via AppleInsider), Fire Emblem Heroes has made the company a lot of money.

Instagram Direct Messages Web Version Being Tested

Those who love chatting on Instagram will appreciate that a web version of Direct messages is now being tested. This means that they will be able to send and receive messages on their computer. Instagram is reportedly testing the web version which allows users to chat without the app internally.

Instagram Investing Issue That Wiped Millions Of Followers From Accounts

Some of the most popular accounts on Instagram were taken by surprise when they appeared to have lost millions of followers for no apparent reason. The Facebook-owned company has taken notice of the matter and said that it’s now investigating the issue.

Gboard For iOS Updated With Haptic Feedback Support

One of the downside to onscreen keyboards is that they lack the same tactile feedback that a normal physical keyboard has. This makes typing on it a bit tricky and can be annoying when trying to type out long-form posts. However if you’re a Gboard user on iOS, the latest update to the app should help improve the typing experience.

LG Teases Sound-On Display For Upcoming LG G8 Smartphone

One of the rumored features of the LG G8 is that it could use a sound-on display. It turns out that the rumors are right because LG has since announced the feature on its website ahead of the official unveiling. This seems to be in line with what LG has been doing, where they slowly tease features before the full reveal.

Samsung Vietnam Is Offering A Pretty Sweet Deal For Galaxy S10 Pre-Orders

Recently in the US, Samsung announced that customers interested in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 will be able to reserve the handset. The reservation will give customers $50 in credit towards accessories, and will also allow customers to trade in their older handsets and get up to $550 for them.