Canon EOS RP Full-Frame Camera Officially Announced

According to recent rumors, Canon has a new EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera in the works that could be a budget model. It turns out the rumors were right on the money because Canon has since officially announced the EOS RP, the company’s next attempt at a full-frame mirrorless camera that won’t break the bank.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Features Revealed

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launched soon, and given how much focus and emphasis is placed on smartphone cameras these days, we expect that Samsung will have something amazing for us. Based on the leaks we’ve seen, the higher-end Samsung models will sport a triple camera setup on the back, while the budget model will sport a dual camera setup.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Camera Review

Our scoring system yielded a Uber-G Camera IQ score of 167, which makes the Huawei Mate 20 Pro today’s ultimate mobile camera, thanks to an unmatched mix of quality and versatility. It also is the ultimate zoom camera, a title that it shares with the Huawei P20 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera Review

Our algorithm did output an Uber-G Camera IQ score of 162 for the Galaxy Note 9, making it the third most powerful camera configuration on the market, and the best dual-lens smartphone camera.


The Uber-G Camera IQ Score Editor's Pick

The Uber-G Camera IQ score is a mobile camera rating system that gives an excellent indication of image quality (IQ) based on four “pillars” that everyone can interpret: Daylight, Low-light, Ultrawide, and Zoom photography. Consumers now have an easy and meaningful way to evaluate a phone’s camera performance under real-world conditions. That’s how we review mobile camera quality now.

The Uber-G Camera HW Score

An overview of what the Uber-G Camera HW Score (Hardware) is and how it can be used as a proxy for mobile camera performance.

Uber-G Camera Score Logos and Awards

In a market where more than ~1000 phones are released every year, consumers need a way to quickly know about the performance of smartphone cameras, the #1 feature that affects purchase decisions according to OEMs we talked to.To quickly guide potential buyers, we communicate our Uber-G Camera HW (hardware) and Uber-G Camera IQ (image quality) scores with a series of color-coded logos and awards.Ultimate mobile cameras: the best of the […]

Canon’s Next EOS R Announcement Will Be For A Budget Model

A recent rumor claims that Canon has a major announcement that could take place this month. Now according to a report from Canon Watch, it seems that the upcoming camera announcement from Canon could be for a budget EOS R model that could be priced around the $1,600 mark.

Google Banning Beauty Camera Apps That Are Stealing Photos

Whenever you download a camera or photo editing app, usually it asks for permission to access your photos and camera. This makes sense and for the most part most of us wouldn’t think twice about it. Unfortunately it appears that there have been some camera apps that have been abusing these permissions and are stealing photos of users.

Laser-Powered 3D Camera Could Be Arriving On Apple’s 2020 iPhones

One of the ways that Apple’s Face ID tech is beating out the competition is the use of a system that measure the user’s face to determine if it is real versus a photograph. This is done by projecting a series of dots invisible to the naked eye that captures depth information. However it seems that come 2020, Apple could be employing a more robust version of that.

Pocophone F1 Beats Google’s Original Pixel On DxOMark

Xiaomi’s Pocophone F1 was one of the dark horses of 2018, where the somewhat unassuming handset proved to be a huge winner in terms of value for money and features when it comes to Android smartphones. Now it seems that it has sort of proven itself yet again where based on DxOMark’s review of the handset (via 9to5Google), they have given it a score of 91 which effectively puts it […]

Some LG Handsets Are Having Autofocus Problems In AR

Augmented reality (AR) is something that we’re starting to see more handset makers include in their devices and software. It does seem to be more popular than VR at the moment due to the fact that you don’t need an extra headset, making it a lot more practical. Unfortunately for some LG devices, it seems that they are running into some issues with it.

Quad-Bayer Camera Sensors For Better Photos

The Quad-Bayer pixel structure is a specific sensor pixel layout that allows for three distinct modes: two-exposures HDR, quad-binning and normal. It has been introduced in phones such as the Huawei P20 Pro and has recently made more noise with the introduction of new handsets such as the Honor View 20 as the OEMs publicize this advanced feature in their communications.

Samsung Might Be Interested In A Company That Makes A 25x Zoom Camera Module

Recently it was reported that OPPO could be working on a phone that could feature 10x zoom. Previously the company had launched a smartphone that was capable of 5x lossless zoom, so 10x is quite a step up. However it seems that in the future, OPPO might need to start finding a new supplier.