Samsung Reportedly Testing Behind-Display Selfie Cameras

These days we’re seeing a lot of smartphones adopt the notch in their display and design. This is because a lot of phones are starting to go for edge-to-edge displays with minimal bezels, but due to front-facing cameras, there needs to be a space for the components, thus leading to the notch.

Two More Canon EOS R Bodies Could Be Launched In 2019

Just last month Canon announced the EOS R. This represents Canon’s more “serious” approach to mirrorless cameras as it seemed like it was designed to compete with Sony’s full-frame offerings. The company has attempted mirrorless cameras in the past but they never really took off.

Google Lens Testing Image Import Feature

With Google Lens, all users have to do is point their camera at an object and the app will be able to recognize what it’s looking at, and will also be able to pull up relevant information about the object. But what if you wanted to analyze an image that was already stored on your phone? Turns out Google is testing a feature to let you do that.

Instagram Testing Separate Tab For Older Posts

Back in July, Instagram launched a feature called “You’re All Caught Up” which is basically a digital wellness initiative where the idea is that once you’ve gone through all the new posts by the people you follow, you can put your phone away and not be tempted to keep scrolling. However despite rolling out such a feature, Instagram seems intent on putting out new features that could contradict it.


ZEISS ZX1 Customers Won’t Need An Adobe Subscription

Last month ZEISS, probably best known for their lenses, announced their first full-frame camera in the form of the ZX1. One of the unique points of the camera is how it will come with Adobe Lightroom CC integrated into the camera itself, meaning that photographers can snap photos and edit them all within the camera.

Adobe Announces ‘Real’ Photoshop Coming To The iPad In 2019

Adobe’s photo and image editing apps have always been available on mobile devices, although they are usually slightly different compared to their desktop counterparts, where they usually offer up the very basic features for light editing on the go. However that will change in 2019 as Adobe will be launching the “real” Photoshop experience on the iPad.

Sony Packs High Zoom In Small Cyber-Shot HX99 Camera

Sony today announced the new Cyber-shot HX99. The company claims that it’s the world’s smallest travel high zoom camera. The zoom range of 24-720mm is said to be in the world’s smallest camera body of its kind. The camera is aimed at travelers or casual photographers and promises extensive functionality including the ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* 24-720mm high magnification zoom lens.

LG V40 Update Improves Its Camera

lg v40In our review of the LG V40, we found that the camera on the phone was one of the handset’s stronger features. However if you think that the camera is still lacking or could stand to do with some improvements, your wish might have come true as LG has since released an update for the phone.

Facebook Begins Rolling Out Support For 3D Photos

For a while now Facebook has supported the uploading of 360-degree photos and videos, where if viewed with a VR headset can create a VR experience. Now it looks like Facebook is setting its sights on a different kind of photo, this time 3D photos as the company has announced that they are rolling out support for it.

Render Of Samsung’s Quad-Camera Smartphone Leaked

The idea of a dual camera setup seemed a little ridiculous several years ago, but now it’s become a mainstay feature for most flagship smartphones. Then Huawei came along with a triple lens camera with the P20 Pro, but as some of you might have heard, Samsung plans on one-upping them with a quad-camera smartphone.

Google Pixel 3 Owners Get Free Full-Sized Photo Backups Until 2022

Google Photos is a great way for users to backup their photos and sync it across multiple devices, and for the most part the free option is actually more than enough for most people. However there are some who might upload photos that go beyond the free limit in terms of quality, and that’s when you’ve got to start paying for backup.

Instagram To Use Machine Learning To Spot Bullying In Photos

Bullying and harassment online is unfortunately more common than we’d like, although Instagram has introduced various tools to help keep such bullying out of the comments section. However what if the bullying was done in a photo where regular filters can’t pick up on it? That’s an area that Instagram plans to address using machine learning.

Pixel 3 Could Feature Clips-Like Selfie ‘Smarts’

One of the new products Google announced back in 2017 was the Clips camera. This is a camera that came with AI features that would be able to detect when the best time was to capture a shot, with the idea being that it would allow users to capture special moments that might have been otherwise missed.

Instagram Now Supports Two-Factor Authentication Apps

Two-factor authentication is a pretty popular method of protecting one’s account these days. For those unfamiliar with how it works, usually once your username and password has been entered, a one-time generated code will be sent to your phone to verify who you say you are, thus preventing accounts from being compromised based purely on password alone.