Virtual Reality Shopping Could Soon Be A Walmart Feature

One of the joys and benefits of shopping in brick and mortar stores is that you get to see the product you’re about to buy. You can touch it, see it, smell it, and test it before deciding if it is right for you. Of course this also means having to take time out of your day to drive to the store, walk around, and so on.

Glitch Accidentally Exposes Twitch Private Messages

Back in May earlier this year, Twitch decided to ultimately kill off one of their features in the form of Messages. However the company also gave its users the option of downloading an archive of all their private messages should they decide to keep it for whatever reasons. Unfortunately a glitch with the system seems to have exposed the private messages of some users.

Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Pull Up Recorded Security Camera Footage

Amazon’s Echo Spot and Echo Show come with displays which makes it a useful device for watching videos. In fact both the Echo Spot and Echo Show are ideal devices if you have home security cameras as they can be used to watch live streams, but what about when you want to watch videos that have already been recorded?

Netflix Testing Video Promos In Between Episodes

Don’t want to pay for YouTube Red? Using the free version of Spotify? If you are, chances are you are familiar with ads because since you’re not paying for those services, ads are a way for companies to make money. However with Netflix, since there is no free tier, would seeing an ad incense you?


MoviePass Subscribers Will Only Get Six Movie Options Per Day

MoviePass has become an exercise in shifting goalposts as it’s making changes to its service yet again. The company has been struggling to survive and has made some major changes to its service in recent weeks to try and stay afloat. The service is now limiting subscribers to just six movie options per day. What this means is that subscribers will only be able to see certain movies on certain […]

Google Clarifies Its Location Tracking Policy

The other day a report from Associated Press revealed that even when users explicitly told Google to stop tracking their movements, it continued to do so. This apparently stemmed from some confusion in Google’s settings, where users had to navigate to the “Web and App activity” section if they wanted to disable tracking completely.

Google Employees Are Reportedly Protesting Censored Search Engine In China

Recently there have been reports that Google wants to get back into China and one of the ways they are planning to do so is to launch a censored search engine. This is to comply with government regulations on what kind of topics are allowed to be discussed on the internet, and apparently Google’s employees are not having it.

Google Updates Search To Show More Relevant Information

Google has refined its search engine over the years where on the search results page alone, we can find information easily without having to navigate to more websites (unless you need the extra details). However in an update to search, Google has made some changes in which it will now show even more relevant information.

Apple’s Corporate Network Hacked By Australian Teenager

A Melbourne, Australia-based teenage hacker reportedly broke into Apple’s corporate network and was able to download almost 90GB of secure files. He was also able to access customer accounts using the information he obtained before he was caught. Court proceedings cited in a new report by The Age revealed this bizarre hack.

Amazon Looking To Buy Movie Theater Chain

Amazon has made a name for itself with original content for its streaming service but it appears that the company has a plan of owning actual movie theaters. A new report today claims that the company is mulling the possibility of purchasing Landmark Theatres, a movie theater chain with more than 50 locations.

Messaging Company Line Launches Cryptocurrency Fund

Line is a messaging service that’s particularly popular in Asia. The messaging app has more than 200 million users largely focused in markets like Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan. It has been making significant moves recently into the cryptocurrency space. The company launched its BitBox crypto exchange last month but it’s not available in the United States or Japan due to regulatory challenges. It has now announced the launch of a […]

Pokemon GO Gets New ‘Niantic Kids’ Login System

If you’re a parent and you’re a bit concerned about letting your kids play Pokemon GO over privacy concerns, you’ll be relieved to learn that there will be new tools introduced to help you deal with that. Dubbed Niantic Kids, this is a new logic system that Niantic and SuperAwesome developed.

Alexa & Cortana’s Integration Begins Rolling Out

The digital assistant scene at the moment is feeling very crowded. You have Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, and Bixby, just to name a few of the more popular ones. This has led to the fragmentation of smart home devices which can only use one digital assistant, but not anymore.

Banks Are Secretly Monitoring Smartphone Habits To Detect Fraud

We all use our phones differently. For example some of us love injecting emojis into our text messages, some of us have certain words that we’ve shortened to make it easier to understand, some of us use our phones and favor our left/right hands, and so on. To that end, it appears that these are habits that banks are secretly monitoring to help detect fraud.