Apple Rumored To Be Preparing Red iPhones Exclusive To China

Apple’s CEO has recently acknowledged that demand for the iPhone is weak and that China is one of the markets that the company is struggling in. However it seems that the company might have a way to turn things around by pandering to the Chinese market by launching a red iPhone XS and XS Max.

Test Compares The Cellular Speeds Of iPhones Over The Years

Over the years Apple has made improvements with each and every iPhone release, but for the most part, the company usually glosses over the more technical details and focuses more on the mainstream features, but this does not mean that they have not made changes under the hood.

2019 iPhones May Not Ditch Lightning For USB-C

Apple has long shipped a proprietary connector with its mobile devices instead of opting for the USB spec used by the industry at large. Earlier reports had suggested that the company was testing “some versions” of 2019 iPhones with USB Type-C instead of Lightning. However, a new report makes claims to the contrary.

Apple Could Still Be Exploring Fingerprint Technology For The iPhone

Face ID might be the predominant security feature on Apple’s iPhones and iPads for the next few years. Apple has touted how the feature is more secure, but yet there are certain limitations on it. For example you have to look at your phone in order for it to unlock, versus fingerprint where you can unlock it without having to look at your phone which can come in handy.


Lawsuit Alleges That Apple Bricks Its Own iPhone Chargers

While companies like Apple make most of their money from customers buying their main products, they also make money by selling accessories for their products like cables, chargers, and so on. However it seems that some feel that Apple might be running some kind of scheme where they intentionally brick their chargers so that customers are forced to buy new ones.

Tesla Unveils New iPhone Cases On Its New Amazon Storefront

Want to buy a Tesla but can’t afford one? We hear you, but not to worry because if you have anywhere between $35 to $45 to spend, you can actually get your hands on Tesla’s iPhone cases where the company has put them up for sale on their new Amazon storefront where they will be available in a couple of different styles.

iOS 12.2 Could Block Web Access To iPhone’s Motion Sensors

Apple has been steadily building privacy-related features into its Safari browser on mobile. For example previously they had built in protection that prevented users from being tracked across websites, much to the dismay of many advertisers, and it looks like an upcoming feature in iOS 12.2 could further annoy advertisers.

iPhone Sales Are Up In China Following Price Cuts

A recent report revealed that iPhone shipments to China are down by 22%. This more or less echoes what Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said when he acknowledged the weakening demand for the iPhone, which seemed to be extra prevalent in China. However it seems that sales for the iPhone in China could be on the rise again.

iFixit Will Continue Offering $30 iPhone Battery Replacements

Apple’s $29 iPhone battery replacement program came to an end at the end of last year, which means that customers who want to change their iPhone batteries will need to pay full price. However if you don’t mind a little DIY and want to save yourself some money, not to worry because it looks like iFixit has you covered.

iPhones With USB-C Ports Are Reportedly Being Tested

For the longest time ever, Apple has used proprietary ports and connectors for its iPhones and iPads, at least until last year’s iPad Pro refresh where Apple introduced USB-C to the tablet, making it a lot more compatible with cables and chargers and accessories out there. This has led to speculation that USB-C could eventually find its way to the iPhone as well.

Laser-Powered 3D Camera Could Be Arriving On Apple’s 2020 iPhones

One of the ways that Apple’s Face ID tech is beating out the competition is the use of a system that measure the user’s face to determine if it is real versus a photograph. This is done by projecting a series of dots invisible to the naked eye that captures depth information. However it seems that come 2020, Apple could be employing a more robust version of that.

iPhone Install Base Has Reached 900 Million

Despite Apple’s more recent iPhones not selling as well as their predecessors, there’s no denying that the iPhone is still a pretty hot ticket item. Exactly how hot, you ask? According to Apple’s earnings call (via TechCrunch), it seems that the company has confirmed that the iPhone’s install base is now sitting at 900 million devices.

Apple’s CEO Concedes That Price Was A Factor In Declining Upgrades

There are a multitude of reasons as to why the iPhones might be seeing a weakening demand these days. However one of those reasons which is probably pretty obvious would be its pricing. With the flagship models priced starting at $1,000, this is a long way from the early days of the iPhone where the original model was priced at $500.

Apple Might Consider Lowering iPhone Prices In Select Markets

Apple’s iPhone prices have gotten to very ridiculous levels where some configurations are priced at over $1,000. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that the iPhone is seeing weaker demand. This is especially true in certain markets, especially emerging markets where the price of an iPhone is worth 2-3 months of salary.