Some iPhone XR Models Are Already Sold Out

Apple’s iPhone Xs Max represents the best iPhone that Apple has to offer. Not only does the phone pack a massive 6.5-inch display, but it uses an OLED screen which does offer up better colors and is also in theory more energy efficient than LCD, and let’s not forget the dual camera setup on the back.

iPhone XR Now Available For Pre-Order

Last month when Apple announced their new iPhones, they announced the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and the XR. The former two phones are the higher-end models of the lineup, where they feature dual cameras and OLED screens, while the iPhone XR represents the more affordable handset.

2019’s iPhones Expected To Maintain Its IP68 Rating

In 2017 when Apple launched the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the X, the phones featured IP67 ratings, meaning that they were water-resistant to a certain degree. However in 2018, the new iPhones were improved and were given an IP68 rating, so does that mean the 2019 iPhones could feature even better water and dust resistance?

Analyst Thinks iPhone XR Will Have A ‘Better Than Expected’ Demand

Apple’s new iPhones are expensive, with the iPhone Xs Max priced over $1,000. While there will always be a demand for iPhones, the price points will definitely put some customers off, and this is why analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that this could potentially lead to better than expected demand for the iPhone XR.


Apple Expected To Keep Its LCD iPhone In 2019

With the iPhone X from 2017 representing Apple’s official shift into producing OLED iPhones, some are wondering when Apple is expected to make a full transition. Last year we saw two LCD models and one OLED model, and this year gave us two OLED models and one LCD model, so what does that mean for 2019?

Apple Will Sell Official Clear Cases For The iPhone XR

With all the fuss surrounding the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max, it might be easy to forget that there is a third iPhone, the iPhone XR whose pre-orders are expected to go live soon. We know that Apple already makes official accessories such as cases for the iPhones in the form of silicone or leather, but for the iPhone XR, it seems that Apple could be headed down a […]

Police Told To Avoid Looking At iPhones With Face ID

Apple has gotten a lot of flak from governments over their decision to encrypt phones and giving users the key. This means that police in certain countries and under certain instances cannot compel suspects to unlock their phones. Apple has also built in certain safeguards which will prevent devices from unlocking should too many failed attempts be made.

iPhone XS Max VS Galaxy Note 9 In Battery Test

Battery life on Apple’s iPhones have never really been known to be particularly good. While they’re far from terrible, Apple’s iPhones aren’t known to have long-lasting battery life, and if you were hoping the iPhone Xs Max would prove the exception, it doesn’t really seem that way, especially in the video above.

MRI Machine Accident Rendered Every iOS Device In Proximity Useless

Our phones and tablets are electronic devices which means that there are some instances where we need to be careful about how we handle them. In a post on Reddit by user harritaco, they share an interesting story of how during the installation of an MRI machine at their workplace, an accident occurred when resulted in nearby iOS devices being disabled.

TSMC Expected To Be Exclusive Manufacturer For Apple’s A13 Chip

For the past few iPhone and iPad generations, TSMC has been pretty much the exclusive manufacturer of Apple’s A-series chips. Before that TSMC and Samsung shared production orders, and even earlier than that Samsung held the exclusivity, although the lawsuit with Apple and also TSMC’s advancement in the manufacturing process eventually edged them out.

Apple Confirms iOS 12 Installed On 50% Of Devices

About a week ago based on data from Mixpanel, it was suggested that adoption of iOS 12 was sitting around 46%. This wasn’t official but as it turns out, Mixpanel did come pretty close as according to Apple’s own official figures posted on its Developer page (via 9to5Mac), they have confirmed that iOS 12 has been installed on over 50% of iOS devices to date.

Apple’s Future iPhones Could Detect Nuisance Callers

One of the features that was announced alongside the new Google Pixel 3 is screen calling feature, where users can better identify spam and nuisance callers. This is a feature that many had praised, with some even suggesting that Apple should definitely adopt it in future versions of the iPhone and iOS.

Apple Could Bundle Original Content For Free For Device Owners

We know that Apple is gearing up to launch some kind of streaming service given all the shows that they seem to be trying to put together. However the big question is how will they distribute it? We can only assume that just like Apple Music, Apple will want to make it so that its video service is readily available to help reduce any hurdles that could hamper adoption.

Apple’s Electromagnet Patent Could Protect iPhones & iPads When Dropped

When you think about how expensive an iPhone and an iPad is, you probably get that sinking feeling in your heart when you drop either device. Sometimes you get lucky and there is no damage, but sometimes you get a bit unlucky and the damage can be pretty bad, resulting in the device being rendered unusable.