Apple Signs With New Stylus Supplier, Fuels iPhone With Apple Pencil Support Rumors

One of the defining features of the iPad Pro is the support for Apple Pencil, Apple’s take on the stylus which has since received extremely favorable reviews. However it also begged the question as to whether or not the feature could be launched for the iPhone as well, something that the rumor mill has been suggesting as of late.

Speed Test Finds That iOS 12 Runs Faster On Older iPhones

With iOS 11 last year reportedly causing performance issues for users who updated, we’re sure that there are many iPhone users who now hesitant to update to the latest version of iOS over concerns that this could happen again, especially given that iOS 12 beta 7 was pulled over claims of sluggish performance.

Luxury Retailer Already Taking Pre-Orders For Gold-Plated 2018 iPhones

No one knows when Apple’s 2018 iPhones are expected to be announced, although last we heard a launch in the second week of September is possible. There is also the question of when they will be made available, which at the moment is really anyone’s guess. However regardless of the dates, luxury retailer Goldgenie has already started taking pre-orders for the phones.

iPhone 7, 7 Plus Owners Are Encountering ‘Loop Disease’

As phones get older, they start to fail in a variety of ways. This is a natural process due to wear and tear. However when phones start to fail in a similar way, that’s when it starts to get a bit suspicious, as is the case with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in which there are a number of reports of devices being sent in for repair due to […]


2018’s iPhones Will Come With Apple Pencil Support, 512GB Storage

For the most part the Apple Pencil is an accessory designed for the iPad, but over the years we have been hearing that Apple could be considering bringing support to the iPhone, and this year could be the year that we are seeing it, or at least that’s what the analysts at TrendForce (via CNET) are predicting.

Apple’s LCD iPhone Could Be Priced Starting at $699

Apple is expected to launch three iPhones this year, two of which will be OLED models, and one will be an LCD model which is supposed to represent a “cheaper” alternative. So the question is given the price of the iPhone X last year that started at $999, how much cheaper could the LCD iPhone get?

This Is How Much Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Could Cost

Apple’s products have never been known to be cheap/affordable, and neither are their official accessories. This is why when we heard the rumors that the AirPower wireless charging mat could be priced at $200, we can’t say that we were surprised. However according to a new report from Chongdiantou (via Cult of Mac), it could be cheaper than that.

New iPhone 9, X Plus Dummy Units Reviewed On Video

Just last week dummy units of 2018’s iPhone X, 9 and X Plus models surfaced. Now thanks to new dummy units obtained by Sonny Dickson and reviewed by DetroitBORG on YouTube, we have a pretty good idea of what we can expect, and come Apple’s September iPhone event, it’s safe to say that probably won’t be any surprises.

Apple Toying With The Idea Of Using iPhones For Identification

Our smartphones are highly personal devices and in some instances, they can already be used for personal identification, such as storing driver’s licenses. However it seems that Apple is taking things one step further and suggesting that perhaps our iPhones could even be used as passports.

An Increase In Face ID Components Are Reportedly Being Ordered

Last year Apple introduced Face ID to the iPhone X. They also ditched Touch ID in the process, and for those who still prefer Touch ID, it seems that there is some bad news because according to reports, there is now mounting evidence that Apple could ditch the feature for this year’s iPhones as well.

iOS 12 Seemingly Offers Up Improvements To ‘Portrait Mode’

One of the features Apple introduced back in 2016 with the iPhone 7 Plus was portrait mode. For those unfamiliar, portrait mode is basically where the phone’s camera will attempt to mimic the bokeh effects that you would expect from a DSLR or mirrorless camera. While at a glance it was impressive, upon closer inspection it was clear that more work needed to be done.

Hands-On Video Of 2018 Dummy iPhone Units

If the rumors are to be believed, Apple could launch three new iPhones this year. In terms of design, we’ve seen some dummy units make their way onto the internet, but a new video uploaded by YouTuber Marques Brownlee provides us with more details as he has managed to get his hands on some dummy units.

This Is What The iPhone’s Keyboard Almost Looked Like

One of the problems with smartphones, at least back in the day, was that their screens were small so there was the challenge of trying to fit a keyboard into its display. This was one of the many criticisms of smartphones in the early days, and it seems that Apple’s iPhone could have fell victim to those criticisms as well.

Apple Reassures Lawmakers That iPhones Aren’t Listening In On Consumers

Have you ever noticed how much of a freaky coincidence it is when you talk about something to someone in real life, only to have an ad for that product popup on your phone later? Now companies such as Facebook have been accused of spying on its users by listening to conversations, something that the company has denied repeatedly, now it looks like Apple is denying similar allegations.