Gmail For Android Now Supports Confidential Mode

Do you have emails that contain sensitive information that you don’t want others to see? There are ways to do that, but if you’re an Android user who also uses Gmail, you might be interested in a new feature called Confidential Mode that has recently found its way onto the Android version of the app.

Google’s Play Store Gets Network Download Options

Due to certain apps having huge file sizes, it was understandable that companies such as Apple and Google placed some restrictions on file downloads over cellular networks. This has improved over the years, and now as spotted by Android Police, it seems that Google is giving users more options now.

Wear OS Apps Will Now Be Put Through Mandatory Review Process

In what appears to be a bid to improve the quality of apps available for Wear OS (previously known as Android Wear), Google has announced that all Wear OS apps submitted by developers will now go through a mandatory review processor before they’re listed on the Google Play Store. Google does have an existing review process for Wear OS apps, it has been there since Android Wear 2.0, but it […]

Envision’s App Uses AI To Help The Visually Impaired ‘See’ The World

A lot of us take our sight for granted, something that we’re sure many who lose their sight later in life can attest to. However thanks to technology, the visually impaired no longer have to be “blind”. One such app that is helping people who are visually impaired is Envision. The app relies on AI to help read and analyze its surroundings, and tells the user what it sees.


WhatsApp Android Backup Will No Longer Count Towards Google Drive Storage

WhatsApp for Android backups its data onto Google Drive. If you’re the type that doesn’t keep a lot of media files in WhatsApp, or chooses not to backup media files, chances are your backup data is pretty small. However there are probably many who use the backup to store photos and videos and that can get pretty big.

Researchers Develop An App That Will Save Smartphone Battery Life

We’ve seen how various companies have come up with different methods of saving battery life on smartphones. However this usually comes at the expense of performance and functionality. However it appears that over at the University of Waterloo, researchers have actually managed to create an app that will extend smartphone battery life without an impact on performance.

NVIDIA Testing Shield TV App With Virtual Keyboard And Remote

NVIDIA is seemingly going to make it easier to control your Shield TV with a smartphone. The company has developed a new Shield TV app for smartphones. It means that NVIDIA has finally heard customers who wanted to have a mobile app to control this device even though it ships with a physical remote. The app hasn’t been released as yet but enough evidence has surfaced to reveal that it’s […]

Samsung’s Gear App Is Now Called Galaxy Wearable

Some of you might be aware that Samsung launched a new smartwatch alongside the Galaxy Note 9. The company has decided to make its wearable devices a part of the Galaxy brand. Therefore, the Gear S3’s successor isn’t called the Gear S4, it’s called the Galaxy Watch instead. To that end, Samsung has also updated the Gear companion app for its smartwatches and renamed it to Galaxy Wearable.

Twitter Lite Expanded To 21 Additional Countries

Twitter Lite, the lightweight version of the microblogging network’s app, has only been released in a handful of markets since its launch. The app is very useful in markets where most users don’t have high-end smartphones or where mobile data tends to be too costly. Twitter has confirmed that it’s now expanding Twitter Lite to 21 additional countries.

Apple Reportedly Pushed Developers To Adopt Subscriptions In Apps

For the longest time ever, the most popular way to make money from apps and software in general was to sell it outright. However in recent times we’re starting to see many companies shift towards a subscription-based model, like Adobe and Microsoft. It seems that this is/was an agenda that Apple was pursuing as well, according to a report from Business Insider (paywall; via Cult of Mac).

Google Will Lose Out On $50 Million From Fortnite Bypassing The Play Store

As some of you might know, Google takes a cut from apps and in-app purchases sold via the Google Play Store. This was also one of the reasons why Epic decided to bypass the Play Store with Fortnite Battle Royale because considering how much the game is reported to be making on iOS, it means that Epic would have to pay Google just as much, if not more.

Google Acknowledges Epic’s ‘Fortnite’ Isn’t On The Play Store

Epic had previously confirmed that Fortnite Battle Royale for Android would not be launched on the Google Play Store, and would instead be made available via other means. Google has typically encouraged users to download apps through the Play Store for security purposes, although the company has remained oddly silent about this, at least until now.

Google’s Cameos App Will Let Celebs Answer Questions About Themselves

Have you ever had a question about a particular celebrity? We’re sure many of us do and one way of finding out would be to do a search on the internet. However sometimes the answers we get are second-hand information which don’t come from the person themselves, which means that it might not be as reliable as we would like.

Samsung Users Will Get Advanced Access To Fortnite’s Android Beta

We have been hearing rumors for a while that Epic’s Fortnite for Android could be launched as a temporary exclusive for Samsung devices. It turns out that is partially correct because in an announcement by Samsung, it seems that Galaxy users can now get their hands on the beta version of the game ahead of everyone else.