Apple Appears To Be Addressing Its Subscription Scam Problem

Subscriptions are a sustainable way to develop apps, where customers pay a monthly fee versus a one-off fee. In a way it makes sense as the monthly fee helps incentivize developers to keep their apps updated and also generates more money for them in the long run, which is why it wasn’t a surprise to see Apple try to encourage developers to adopt that model for iOS apps.

Google Play Update Helps Make App Installs Smaller

Just like computers, when smartphones were first launched, apps in general weren’t that big. However as our phones got more capable, app install sizes got larger to accommodate all the necessary assets, such as higher-res audio files, higher-res textures for graphics in games, and so on.

Google Maps For iOS Brings Location & ETA Sharing

Sharing your location with mapping apps isn’t new, and for the most part usually this is a static feature meaning that you share your current location only, and if you were to leave it will not update. However the good news for iOS users is that if you wanted a more dynamic way of sharing your location, Google Maps has been updated to do just that.

Spotify For Wear OS Gets A Brand New App

If you like listening to music on the go and you have a Wear OS smartwatch, there’s a good chance that Spotify could be one of the apps and services you use. The good news is that if you thought that Spotify app on Wear OS could stand to do with some improvements, you’ll be pleased to learn that’s exactly what happened.


Lion Corp Creates An App That Can Evaluate Bad Breath

#CEATEC2018 – How do you tell if you have bad breath? Most of the time people around us tend to be too polite to say anything, and given that we’re probably used to our own smells, it’s hard for us to tell either. However Japan’s Lion Corp thinks that they might have the solution in the form of an app.

Apple’s App Store Might Have A Subscription Scam Problem

Apple gets a cut from apps sold in the App Store, that much is known. However the problem with one-off purchases is that it isn’t so sustainable, meaning that it isn’t always a guarantee that an app that sold 100,000 copies this month might be able to keep that up for the next 2-3 years. This is why Apple has been pushing developers to adopt subscription models.

Google Will Charge Android Device Makers To Use Its Apps In Europe

Android, for the most part, is free to use, which is one of the many reasons why the platform is so popular and has been adopted by various handset makers around the world. However it seems that over in Europe, things are going to change as Google will start charging Android device makers a fee for using its apps.

Microsoft Cortana Gets A Redesigned App For iOS & Android

iOS has Siri and Android has Google Assistant, so Microsoft’s Cortana’s existence on either platform does put it in a somewhat weird position, but it is there nonetheless or those who might prefer using Cortana for whatever reason. Now it looks like Microsoft is working on an update to the software that will give it a redesign.

Microsoft Office For Web Adds Support For Dictation

There are plenty of software features that most of us take for granted, but yet for some there are certain things that are considered simple to us, but yet can take others a long time. Take for example typing, where most of us would not have issues with it, but yet for those who are dyslexic, this becomes much harder.

Snapchat Found To Be A Popular Source Of News Amongst College Students

Where do you get most of your news from these days? Back in the day it would most likely be the newspaper, and then there were internet portals/front pages that would contain news, the weather, sports scores, and so on, but these days social media does seem to be a popular source for many.

WhatsApp For Android Lets You Download GIFs Before Sending Them

One of the features of WhatsApp is that you can search for GIFs and send them directly. However sometimes the GIF repository might not have the GIF you want, which is when you might choose to share a link to a GIF instead. Now on Android it appears that WhatsApp is allowing users to download the GIFs before sending them.

Adobe Announces ‘Real’ Photoshop Coming To The iPad In 2019

Adobe’s photo and image editing apps have always been available on mobile devices, although they are usually slightly different compared to their desktop counterparts, where they usually offer up the very basic features for light editing on the go. However that will change in 2019 as Adobe will be launching the “real” Photoshop experience on the iPad.

Snapchat Adds Filters For Cats

Snapchat has a variety of filters that you can use to add some exuberance to your selfies but what about your cats? The app now has your feline friends covered as well. Snapchat now has filters for cats so the next time you take a selfie with your furry friend, they took will get the filter applied on their face.

Adobe Premiere Rush Video Editing Tool Available Now

Adobe gave a preview of its multi-platform video editing tool earlier this year. It was referred to as Project Rush at that time. The company has today announced that this tool is now available to the general public. It’s called Premiere Rush and it’s a part of the company’s Creative Cloud suite of software.