GoPro Labs Announces New Features That Will Improve The GoPro Experience
Unlike analog cameras in the past, a good majority of cameras these days are digital and as such, have software that helps power it and gives it features as well as process images. This also means that camera manufacturers have the ability to issue firmware updates that will give cameras new features and improve on existing ones.

Canon Patents A Gimbal With An Interchangeable Lens System
There are many gimbals in the market today, and for the most part, they’re sold separately from the camera. This means that you would need to own a camera to really take advantage of it. However, DJI did try to create an all-in-one solution with the Osmo Pocket, and it looks like Canon wants to do something similar as well.

How to Convert 4K HEVC Videos With Intact Quality With WinX Video Converter
Nowadays, your everything is shown through short videos on Tiktok, YouTube, and more. As an ordinary uploader, you are less likely to buy a professional camcorder. Instead, you may use an iPhone, iPad, GoPro, or drone to capture 4K/HD footage.You’ll soon find some of your videos cannot be uploaded and even opened on your media player. You have to convert the video format or resize the video size via a […]

Instagram Now Supports Apple’s ProRAW
One of the new features that Apple introduced with its latest iPhones is a new “format” called ProRAW, although to be fair, it’s not really a new format, but rather it is based on the RAW image format. Some had initially wondered about it, and whether or not it would only usable between iOS and Mac devices, but it turns out that won’t be the case.


iOS 14.3 Released With ProRAW Support
One of the reasons why some professional photographers love capturing images in the RAW format is because it gives them more flexibility when it comes to making edits. This is versus other formats like JPEG which might have already been processed and compressed, thus already applying certain effects that you might not want.

This Is How Google Trained Its Portrait Lighting AI
While companies were eagerly putting out smartphones with dual cameras, Google stuck with a single camera but instead opted to use AI to help boost its photos quality. It worked out remarkably well, although the company’s subsequent handsets did eventually include more than one camera.

Canon Will Now Sell Its Image Sensors To Third-Party Companies
Sony might be a company we’re familiar with when it comes to mirrorless cameras. However, did you know that despite Sony making their own cameras and hardware that they also supply their sensors to other companies? In fact, quite a number of smartphones out there actually rely on Sony’s imaging sensors for their smartphone cameras.

You Can Now Sync Google Photos With Apple Photos
Google Photos is a great way to store and backup your photos, and it also does a pretty good job working on iOS where you can use it to backup photos stored on your iPhone or iPad and sync it across devices. However, both apps typically work separate of each other, due to the restrictions that Apple has put in place in iOS.

This Gadget Turns iPhone Portrait Photos Into Holograms
Holograms are pretty cool, although in terms of practicality and usefulness, we’re not sure if we’ve completely figured that one out yet. However, we have seen how it can be used at concerts, and if you’ve ever wanted your own personal hologram, it might seem like it could be a very expensive affair, but that might not be the case.

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max Loses Out To The OnePlus 8T In Blind Camera Test
For the past few years, tech YouTuber MKBHD has run a blind camera test at the end of the year to see which phone takes photos that the general public seems to appreciate. This year is no different, although it seems that it might be rather embarrassing for Apple because none of their smartphones made it through the first round.

Sony’s Visual Story Is A New Cloud Storage Service For Professional Photographers
One of the problems that professional photographers face when shooting in the field, like during a live event such as a wedding, is that there is always a chance that their cameras or memory cards can fail and all the photos that they’ve taken are lost. This is usually why wedding photographers work in teams and carry multiple cameras.

Apple Could Be Looking To Give The iPhone Even More Zoom
One of the interesting features we’ve seen come to smartphone cameras is a greater degree of optical zoom. In the past, zooming in with your smartphone usually comes in the form of digital zoom where it’s more like a crop of the image, which is why sometimes you lose the details when you zoom in.

This iPhone Mount Turns Your Apple Watch Into A Secondary Display
If you own an Apple Watch, did you know that you can actually use the Apple Watch as a secondary display for your phone’s camera? This means that if you’re trying to take a group photo using the back cameras and not the selfie camera, you can use the Apple Watch’s display to frame your shot and trigger the shutter remotely.

Uber HW Camera Scores #005: Sony XPERIA 1 II, Xiaomi Mi 10T, and More!
This week, we’re adding 14 new mobile camera hardware scores, from Sony phones that cost $1199 down to $160 for the Oppo A33 (2020) as we need to cover all price points if we are to help as many people as possible navigate the maze of camera options.

How To Color Match Videos With Wondershare Filmora X
One of the goals of every video creator is to have smooth transitions between different clips, but oftentimes when the coloration of the footage between two different clips doesn’t match, it can be very jarring to the viewer. Content creators and video editors will agree that this can be a frustrating experience.

Google Ends Free, Unlimited Storage Plan For Google Photos
If there was one advantage that Google Photos had over other competing cloud storage platforms, it was that it offered users free and unlimited storage for photos as long as you kept the uploads to “High” instead of “Original”. For the most part, this was fine as a lot of people probably never take photos as max resolution anyway.

iPhone 13 Could Be Even Better At Taking Photos At Night
Right now, the iPhone 12, like most smartphones these days, comes with a Night mode in the camera. This basically relies on software and algorithms to help users take better photos in low-light situations, such as when it’s night. However, the iPhone 13 could come with an upgrade to help with that even further.

Nikon Finally Allows Users To Use Their Cameras As A Webcam
(No) thanks to the pandemic, a lot of things we do on a normal day are changing in drastic ways. A lot more people are working remotely and studying remotely, and this in turn has created a need for webcams, or rather, better quality webcams, and so to address this need, many camera makers have released software that turns their cameras into webcams.

How To Extract A Still Image From A Live Photo On iPhone
One of the features of the iPhone is the ability to take what Apple is calling a “Live Photo”, which is kind of like a hybrid between a video and a photo, but what if you just wanted the image part? Here’s how you can extract a still image from a Live Photo.

Apple Just Acquire A Company Whose AI Can Figure Out What’s In Your Videos
One of the features of Google Photos is that Google leverages AI to help users identify people and objects in their photos. Given the number of photos we might take with our smartphone camera, it can sometimes be rather difficult for us to find what we are looking for, and that’s what the AI is used for.