Fujifilm X-H2 Could Be Launching With A Brand New Sensor
The last flagship camera we saw from Fujifilm was the Fujifilm X-T4. The camera uses the X-Trans 4 sensor which was also used in other flagships like the X-T3, X-Pro3, and also the X100V. However, it seems that come 2022, Fujifilm could introduce a brand new sensor and the X-H2 could be the first to adopt it.

No More New Fujifilm X Cameras For 2021
Earlier this year, Fujifilm launched its X-E4 mirrorless camera. If you were hoping to see more updates to the X-series lineup this year, prepare to be disappointed. This is according to a report from Fuji Rumors who claims that Fujifilm will not be launching any new models for the remainder of the year.

Sony Has Stopped Selling DSLR Cameras
Back in the day, Sony was known for their Cyber-shot digital compact cameras, but after acquiring Minolta, the company started to develop its own DSLR cameras. This proved to be somewhat popular for a while, and later the company expanded to mirrorless cameras and then full frame mirrorless cameras.

New Sony APS-C Camera Rumored For May
If Sony’s higher-end full frame mirrorless cameras aren’t for you, whether it is out of your budget or if you don’t need or don’t want a full frame camera, then you could be in luck. This is because a report from Sony Alpha Rumors claims that come May 2021, Sony could unveil a new APS-C camera.


Canon Confirms EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera Is Coming Soon
There have been rumors suggesting that Canon could be developing a new mirrorless camera in the form of the EOS R3. To help dispel the rumors and speculation about what kind of specs and features are coming, Canon has since come forward to acknowledge that the rumors are true and that the EOS R3 is coming soon.

iPhone 14 Could Come With A Massive Camera Upgrade
Apple’s iPhone cameras have always performed very well. Maybe not as good compared to some of the competition in some regards, but always good enough to keep customers satisfied. However, if there is one thing that Apple rarely competes on, it would be megapixel count, instead choosing to focus on other hardware and software aspects to boost its performance.

Moza Challenges DJI With Their Own Pocket-Sized Camera
Want to take videos with a gimbal? Don’t want to lug around heavy equipment? That’s where DJI comes in. The company launched their DJI Pocket 2 back in 2020 where it is priced at $350. It’s not too bad of a price, but in case it’s too expensive for your liking, you might be interested in Moza’s latest offering.

Editing Videos With Google Photos Just Got Better
Many probably know Google Photos as a photo backup service. However, the app on mobile does come with some pretty basic photo editing features if you need to make quick edits, crop images, and so on. However, if you wanted more powerful controls, especially for video, you might opt to use a different software.

Fujifilm X-H2 Could Be Launching In 2022
When it comes to video, Fujifilm’s mirrorless cameras have typically fallen a little short. While they are capable, they certainly aren’t on par with other brands such as Sony or Panasonic. However, that changed when Fujifilm launched the X-H1 all those years ago, but what has happened to its successor?

Fujifilm Launches New Instax Mini 40 Instant Camera
There is no doubt that when it comes to photography, digital photography is the most “efficient”. This is because unlike film photography, digital photos can be reviewed instantly and you can take multiple photos without worrying about running out of film. However, at the same time it’s hard to ignore that nostalgia that one gets when taking film photos.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Camera Jumps Ahead: 220 Points
It has been a busy March, and to conclude close this month, rich in new launches, Xiaomi has unleashed the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, a flagship phone that comes with one of the most potent mobile cameras on the market.

Samsung ISOCELL GN2 50MP Camera Sensor Overview
Announced in late February, the new Samsung ISOCELL GN2 mobile camera sensor is starting to ship in smartphones such as the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. (official Samsung GN2 site)ISOCELL refers to Samsung’s generic brand for its sensor pixel technology that claims to reduce inter-pixel leakage of light, making pixel-sensing more accurate for colors, and details. The Samsung GN2 uses ISOCELL 2.0.The most obvious difference with the 108MP Samsung HMX series […]

iPhone 13 Pro Max Could Sport A Camera With A Wider Aperture
If you prefer being able to take photos in low light without having to crank the exposure, ISO, or add flash, then that’s where a lens with a larger aperture comes in handy. The good news is that this is something we can look forward to in the iPhone 13 Pro Max, or at least that’s what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims.

OnePlus x Hasselblad For Next-Level Camera Performance
OnePlus and Hasselblad will work together for at least the next three years. This collaboration should sound exciting to all OnePlus fans because the upcoming OnePlus mobile cameras should get even better, faster.As Pete Lau (CEO of OnePlus) describes in the announcement, OnePlus has always wanted to build the best Android phones. It inevitably requires having the best cameras, which is the most critical feature, according to nearly every consumer […]

Nikon’s NX Studio Is A Free Photo And Video Editing Software
Want to edit your photos and videos on your computer? There are more popular paid options from the likes of Adobe, but if you’d rather not shell out hundreds of dollars for a piece of software that you might not use very often, don’t worry because Nikon has you covered with the launch of its new NX Studio.

Apple Launches A Tool That Transfer iCloud Photos To Google Photos
Usually companies like Apple or Google create tools that make it easier for users to migrate from a competing platform over onto theirs. However, interestingly enough, it seems that Apple has gone the other direction. The company has recently launched a new tool that will help iCloud users transfer their photos and videos over to Google Photos.

Sony Could Be Developing A 1-inch Camera Sensor For Smartphones
In case you didn’t know, Sony actually provides a lot of smartphone companies with camera sensors. This means that while these companies might use different lenses and software, the core hardware powering their cameras comes from Sony, and it seems that Sony could be working on something big.

How Do I shoot in RAW On My iPhone
Want to take RAW photos on your iPhone? Maybe you own an iPhone 12, or maybe you own an older iPhone, but don’t worry as this guide will show you how to capture photos in RAW.

Razer’s New Kiyo Pro Webcam Will Take Your Video Conferences To The Next Level
In the past whenever you needed to make that odd video call or host a video conference, a cheap webcam or the one built into your laptop’s display was enough to get the job done. They still are, but with the pandemic forcing people to work and study from home, some of you might realize that it’s time to upgrade your webcam.

Google Photos For iOS Gains New Video Editing Tools
While there are many video editing apps out there, some of them can be unnecessarily complex for simple edits, and some of them require money. However, if you just need a simple video editor, then perhaps you might be interested to learn that Google Photos for iOS has been recently updated where it will now come with a new video editor baked into it.