Adobe To Remove Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Fix From App Store June 21
In case you weren’t aware, in addition to the main versions of Adobe Photoshop that’s available on the App Store, Adobe had previously released apps such as Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix, but it seems that the company has since announced that both apps will be retired and removed from the App Store come 21st of June, 2021.

Huawei Says More Than 4 Million Developers Have Signed On For HarmonyOS
The key to any smartphone platform is its ecosystem of apps. This is because without these apps, what good is your hardware if there is no software that can take advantage of it, right? This is the problem with BlackBerry and Microsoft’s Windows Phones back in the day, where there was nothing wrong with the hardware, it’s just that there was a lack of developer support compared to iOS and […]

Android 12 Beta Is The Most Downloaded Beta In Android History
As many of you have heard by now, not too long ago Google released the beta for Android 12 where for those who might be interested, it is available for download, although maybe not to be used as your daily driver. We know that some people love to join betas to get an early look at what’s to come, but it seems that Android 12 has piqued the interest of […]

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Launched With An Affordable Price Tag
OnePlus started out as a company releasing budget phones, but over the years as they started wading into more flagship territory, their prices started to rise as well. If you don’t necessarily need to have the latest and greatest smartphone, then you might be interested to learn that OnePlus is revisiting its budget roots with the recently announced OnePlus Nord CE 5G.


Teen Developer Recreates iOS 4 As A Standalone App
Way back in the day when the iPhone was first launched, it felt almost revolutionary, but taking a look back at the old UI, it’s kind of cringey to see how outdated it looks by today’s standards. However, we imagine that there are probably some who might be fans of the old skeuomorphic design.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Will Be Playable Through Safari In A Few Weeks
The rules required to get a game streaming app approved by Apple seems rather troublesome, which is why we’re seeing many companies work around it by making their services streamable through Safari, and Microsoft is one of them. The company has been testing out its xCloud service on iOS for the past few months, and it looks like they’re close to launching it.

Apple To Crack Down On Email Tracking Pixels
One of the ways people track whether or not you’ve read an email that they’ve sent is by embedding a single near-invisible pixel in the email. What happens is that when the email is opened, the image loads and will notify the sender that you have read the email. While it can be useful, some might find it a bit invasive in terms of privacy.

iOS 15 Will Let You Stop Awkward Photos From Showing Up In Your Photos Memories
Similar to how Facebook reminds users to posts or photos they made on a certain day from a certain number of years ago, iOS has such a feature too in the form of Memories. It’s great if you want to reminisce about the good old days, but what if there are awkward photos like maybe a breakup from two years ago?

How To Take A Scrolling Screenshot On iPhone
Want to take a screenshot that extends beyond what you see on your screen? Also known as a scrolling screenshot, our guide will show you how to take such a screenshot on your iPhone.

Moto G Stylus 5G: A $399 Pen-Enabled Productivity Phone
Motorola launched its new Moto G Stylus 5G, which enters a highly competitive sub-$400 5G market with a pen-enabled phone.The new phone comes with a huge 6.8” FHD+ “Max Vision” display which promises to be very readable and comfortable to look at. The large size lends itself extremely well for the e-Pen support, which is not common in that market segment.

Apple Wants To Make It Easier For Android Users To Move To iOS
In the smartphone world right now, there pretty much only exists iOS and Android. Obviously either platform would love it if users from the competing platform jump ship and move over to theirs, and in an attempt to try and lure more of the competition, Apple has announced improvements they’ll be making to its Android “Move to iOS” app.

How To Unlock Your iPhone While Wearing A Mask
If you’re wearing a mask and are finding it troublesome to unlock your iPhone and having to enter your passcode every time, you can actually unlock it using your Apple Watch, so read on to find out what you need to do.

iOS 15 Will Let You Ditch Third-Party Authenticator Apps
If you’re trying to protect your online account, two-factor authentication (2FA) is the way to go. However, sometimes it can be troublesome as it means having to download and use a third-party authenticator app which can slow down the sign-in process, which in turn might dissuade people from using it.

Apple Will Finally Be Making Siri Usable Without An Internet Connection
One of the problems with digital assistants is that you usually need an internet connection to use them. This is because the digital assistants need to send your request to a remote server where your voice is processed in order to understand what you say. This is why sometimes it can take a while for things to happen.

iOS 15 Will Make Notifications Smarter And Less Annoying
The way iOS deals with notifications is basically whenever a notification comes in, you’ll be alerted to it unless you disable it. For some apps, such as Spark, it tries to be smarter about notifications where it will only notify you when you have emails it thinks are important to you as opposed to every single email.

iOS 15 Will Allow ‘Find My’ To Track Devices That Are Turned Off Or Erased
One of the features that Apple has developed to locate missing devices like iPhones is the “Find My” feature. However, the problem with “Find My” is that in its current state, it doesn’t work when devices are turned off, which is what most thieves would do if they stole a phone, or if you’ve misplaced a device and its battery dies.

Apple Is Bring Extensions To Safari On iPhone And iPad
One of the features that Safari on iPhone and iPad lacks compared to its computer version is extensions. Browser extensions can help expand on the functionality of a browser and make it better to use, but the good news is that at WWDC 2021, Apple announced that they will be bringing extension support to Safari for the iPhone and iPad.

Apple Will Soon Allow iOS Users To Skip Major Updates
If there is one thing that Apple’s iOS does better than Android is that they can get users to adopt new updates a lot faster. Right now, iOS 14 is said to be at 90% adoption. This is compared to Android 11 which comes nowhere close. However, for whatever reason, Apple has decided to mess around with a good thing.

FaceTime Will Finally Be Coming To Windows And Android
For the longest time ever, FaceTime was pretty much exclusive to all iOS and macOS devices. Want to FaceTime with a friend? They don’t have an iOS or macOS device? Too bad. Or at least that was the case until today. At WWDC 2021, Apple has announced that FaceTime will finally be coming to Windows and Android devices.

2% Of Top 1,000 Apps In The App Store Were Reportedly Scams
App storefronts like Apple’s App Store and Google Play are marketed as being more “secure” platforms to download apps from. This is because the companies claim to have systems in place to prevent malware and also a review process meant to weed out the unsavory apps, but it seems that it might not necessarily be the perfect system.