How To Make Your Facebook Profile Private
If you don’t want to be searchable on Facebook and if you want your account to be private to protect your privacy, here’s how you can do it.

Deadpool 3 Could Be Written By Bob’s Burgers’ Writers
Many have been wondering about the future of the Deadpool franchise. This is because now that Disney has bought Fox, and with the company known for their family-friendly content, many have expressed some concern that Deadpool might not necessarily fit into Disney’s family-friendly image.

HBO Orders ‘The Last Of Us’ TV Series
When it comes to storytelling in games, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us does a pretty fantastic job of doing just that. However, if you’ve been curious as to what the story might be like had it been made as a TV show or movie, you’ll be interested to learn that HBO has recently ordered a TV series based on the franchise.

How To Make Your Twitter Account Private
Sometimes you want to share your thoughts and feelings on Twitter without the whole world knowing how you feel, which is why setting your Twitter account to private might be a good idea if you just want to share certain things with friends and the people you know.


Scientists Manage To Create Diamonds At Room Temperature And Only In Minutes
One of the reasons why diamonds are so valuable is because generally speaking, they are naturally occurring, which means that they need to be found and mined. This in turn has caused some controversy where due to the demand for them, it has created some questionable working conditions and labor issues.

Man Becomes Instant Millionaire After Meteorite Crashes Through His Home [Update]
Update – Speaking to BBC Indonesia, Hutagalung revealed that he had only sold the meteorite for Rp200 million, which is a little over $14,000. He says he feels cheated and that all the money has since been spent in donations. He also revealed that he did not sell the entire meteorite and kept about 400 grams which he then distributed to family members and also fashioned rings out of them.They […]

Google Assistant Will Now Let Your Kids Ask It Where You Are
Parents keeping track of their kids is to be expected, and there is already technology that allows parents to track their kids using devices like smartwatches, phones, and GPS technology in general. However, it seems that Google now wants to introduce reverse tracking, where your kids can now track you.

Get Ready For Audio Based Ads On YouTube
One of the things people enjoy doing with YouTube is listening to music. While YouTube might be known as a video platform, there are people who put YouTube on in the background and listen to songs while they do other things. This means that when it comes to ads, some advertisers might miss out as the person isn’t watching the ad.

Twitch Will Now Let Streamers ‘Buy’ Affiliate Statuses
On Twitch, you have all kinds of streamers. Some of whom just stream for fun, and then there are also those who stream for a living, or at least attempt to supplement their income from money they earn through Twitch. The entry-level tier is the Affiliate status that streamers would have to earn.

Twitter Takes On Instagram Stories With New ‘Fleets’ Feature
Earlier this year, Twitter was revealed to be testing out a new feature called Fleets. For those unfamiliar, Fleets was designed to be a temporary way of posting social media updates, kind of like Instagram and Snapchat’s Stories feature. For those who primarily use Twitter, you might be interested to learn that the feature is now live.

Zoom Introduces New Ways To Deal With Trolls
While Zoom has been around a while, it is safe to say that it is only in 2020 that as a result of people being forced to work and study from home that the app exploded in popularity. Its explosion in popularity also led to people discovering many of the app’s shortcomings and security issues, many of which have since been dealt with.

South Korean News Channel Introduces An AI-Powered News Anchor
There are reasons why news anchors are still relevant in this day and age when you can easily read news online. This is because anchors have personalities and a way of delivering the news and analyzing them with their comments that can make a particular piece of news insightful and provide more context than just reading them.

Apple Begins Giving Monthly Credits To Apple TV+ Subscribers
apple tvIf you’ve subscribed to Apple TV+ either through its standalone offering or through the Apple One bundle plan, it seems that Apple is giving away free monthly credits from November 2020 through January 2021. For the US, this is equivalent to $4.99 a month, but the amount will vary depending on your region and currency.

Apple Could Have One Last Announcement This Winter
Through 2020, we’ve been hearing that Apple has a couple of new accessories in the works in the form of the AirPods Studio, an over-ear style headphones, and also the AirTags tracking accessory. Neither of these devices have been announced yet, and with Apple’s supposed last event having already taken place, the question is when will these accessories make their official appearance?