Samsung Just Showed Off A Bunch Of New Display Technology
Apart from making phones and home appliances, Samsung also creates components like displays that are used in other products as well. In fact, for the upcoming Display Week 2021 event, Samsung has officially taken the wraps off several new display technologies that they have been working on.

Instagram Could Soon Allow Users To Upload Photos From Desktop
For the longest time, the only way you could upload photos to Instagram is through the mobile app. While there might be third-party solutions and workarounds to upload from your desktop to Instagram, none of this is official, but that could be changing soon, at least according to a recent discovery by developer Alessandro Paluzzi.

WhatsApp Working To Expand Its Disappearing Mode Feature
Last year, WhatsApp introduced a new feature called Disappearing Messages. Basically what this feature does is that whenever you enable a chat with the feature, messages sent in that chat will automatically be deleted after 7 days, thus ensuring your privacy (to a certain degree). However, the downside is that you had to enable this feature manually for all chats.

Amazon Launches A New Free Video Streaming Service
In case you didn’t know, in addition to Prime TV, Amazon also owns IMDb TV, a free video streaming service. However, it seems that the company isn’t content with just owning two streaming services and has since announced its latest initiative in the form of MiniTV, a new service that has launched in India.


Twitter’s Paid Subscription Could Cost $2.99 A Month
As some of you might have heard, Twitter could be considering a new paid subscription model. For those wondering how much this service could cost, a tweet by researcher Jane Manchun Wong has revealed that it could possibly end up priced at $2.99 a month, and that the service will also be known as Twitter Blue.

Facebook Wants You To Read Articles Before Sharing Them
Headlines and titles of articles are important. From a publishing standpoint, a catchy headline can draw in readers, but sometimes a headline that’s too inflammatory might cause people to get upset and share it or make comments without actually reading it. This in turn can cause problems with misinformation.

Twitter’s Verification Program Could Be Coming Back Next Week
As with most social media platforms, Twitter has a verification feature that basically identifies people on Twitter who might need to have a verified account, like a politician, a company/brand, journalists, researchers, and so on. The idea is that since these accounts are verified, whatever they say that might represent themselves will be more legit.

Intel Uses Machine Learning To Make GTA’s Graphics Look Scarily Photorealistic
GTA 5’s graphics are decent and it looks good considering how old the game is, but we would never ever call it realistic-looking, but that might not be a bad thing. That being said, if you’ve ever wondered what a game like GTA could look like had it been developed with photorealistic graphics in mind, then you’re in luck.

Motorola Wants To Bring OTA Wireless Charging To Its Smartphones
Earlier this year, a video surfaced which seemed to show Motorola showing off its wireless charging technology. While wireless charging isn’t new, what made this particularly exciting was how it could charge devices without needing for it to be one a wireless charging mat, making it “true” wireless charging.

Someone Managed To Exploit Apple’s Find My Network
Apple sells millions of iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers around the world, and thanks to that, the company has managed to build up a pretty decently-sized network for its Find My service. For those unfamiliar, Find My is an Apple service that helps you track down lost iPhones, iPads, AirTags, and so on.

Chia Cryptomining Can Wreck An SSD In A Matter Of Weeks
There are various types of cryptocurrency in the market today. Bitcoin is kind of out of reach for a lot of people due to the fact that it is so expensive, and the cost of mining for it might actually not be so worth it, so you can imagine that people are constantly looking for the next best thing. One of those is called Chia, also known as a Burstcoin.

WhatsApp Users Will Lose Access To Features If They Don’t Accept New Privacy Policy
As many of you have heard by now, WhatsApp has a new privacy policy that they are hoping that its users will accept. So, the question is, what will happen if you don’t? There have been rumors suggesting that WhatsApp will delete those accounts, which the company has since refuted in an updated support document spotted by Gizmodo.

YouTube Announces $100 Million Fund For ‘Shorts’ Creators
YouTube might be the place many go to for longer form videos. For shorter form videos, there are platforms like Snapchat and TikTok, but it seems that YouTube wants it all. The company launched its Shorts feature back in 2020 which is meant to challenge the likes of TikTok and Snapchat, and now the company is looking to throw more money at it.

Apple Claims The App Store Prevented $1.5 Billion In Fraud In 2020
One of the reasons why Apple is so adamant about maintaining its walled garden is because the company claims that this is done to protect users. As if to prove that point, Apple has recently announced that in 2020, the App Store actually helped to prevent $1.5 billion in potential fraud.

TikTok Could Be Looking To Launch A Recruitment Tool
Back in the day if you were looking for a job, you’d check the classifieds section in a newspaper. While that is still being used, these days there are different ways of finding jobs, and TikTok is hoping that their platform could be used by the younger generation for job discovery, according to a report from Axios.

Google Is Changing The Way Google Docs Are Rendered
Do you find that your Google Docs documents render a bit slowly or not as well as you would like? For the most part, we reckon most people don’t really have too many complaints about that, but that doesn’t mean that things cannot be improved upon, which is what Google is looking to do with Google Docs.

Clubhouse Is Now Available For Download On Android
The other day, the developers of Clubhouse announced that they have begun beta testing of its Android app. For those who are interested in taking part in the beta, you’re in luck because Clubhouse has announced that the app is now available in the Play Store, although it is still in beta and is still limited to certain users and regions.

YouTube Puts YouTube TV Into Its YouTube App For Roku Users
As some of you might have heard, due to a disagreement between YouTube and Roku, the YouTube TV app has been removed from Roku devices. For those who are lamenting the loss of the app, do not worry because it seems that until a new agreement can be formed, YouTube has an alternative solution.

Microsoft Wanted To Bypass Apple’s 30% Cut From The App Store
Apple charges developers a 30% commission from apps sold in its App Store and also from in-app purchases. That is more or less the standard, and while Apple does have better relationships with some developers than others that might grant those developers better visibility, Apple has typically never budged from its 30% commission.

Sony Accused Of Monopoly By Restricting PlayStation Games To The PlayStation Store
If you wanted to buy a PC game, there are so many options available to you. There are physical game retailers that you can choose from, then there are also various digital storefronts that are available to gamers. This has since created a pretty competitive place where sometimes, sales are offered on one platform which makes it more appealing.