Zeiss’ ZX1 Full-Frame Compact Camera Is Finally Available For Pre-Order
Zeiss is a company that some of you might be familiar with when it comes to camera lenses, especially those found in Sony’s cameras. However, back in 2018, the company announced its first full-frame compact camera, the ZX1. Now after about two years since its announcement, the camera is finally available for pre-order.

NASA Just Sent Up A $23 Million Space Toilet To The ISS
There are a lot of things that we take for granted on Earth that we might not necessarily consider when in space. Take for example the humble pen, which works fine on Earth thanks to gravity, but in space, it’s an entirely different story which is why engineers had to create a special pen designed to work in zero gravity.

Twitter Testing A Crowdsourcing Method Of Handling Misinformation
For the most part, misinformation handled on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have largely been at the discretion of the platforms themselves, where they typically link themselves with websites that are known to be reliable at sourcing real news and breaking down fake ones.

The PS5’s Fan Seems To Be A Massive Improvement Over The PS4
Like most computers, the PS5 comes with a built-in fan to deal with heating. As the console plays more intensive games, components start to heat up and the fan speed is kicked up to help address the heat generated by the console to prevent overheating. This is normal, but unlike the PS4, the PS5’s fan seems to be a huge improvement in terms of noise levels.


Apple Acknowledges Potential Battery Drain With iOS 14 Update
If there seems to be a common thread that we’ve noticed with most iOS updates, is that following the updates, there usually appears to be a flood of complaints regarding worse battery life. It is a bit hard to track the battery drain, and in some instances, it might not necessarily be the case.

AT&T To Stop Selling Its DSL Internet Plans
If you live in an urban area, there’s a good chance that you’re probably spoilt for choice when it comes to internet connectivity, but when it comes to more rural areas, those choices might be severely limited to just DSL. Unfortunately for those people living in rural areas that rely on AT&T’s DSL services, your time could be coming to an end.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2’s Hinge Proved To Be More Sturdy In Durability Test
One of the issues with the original Samsung Galaxy Fold was that it was discovered that dust and debris could get easily trapped in the hinge of the phone. This meant that if the debris was large enough, it could actually cause some interference when users tried to open or close the phone, which could also lead to damage.

YouTube’s Picture-In-Picture Mode Has Been Restored On iOS 14 Devices
One of the features that Apple introduced in iOS 14 for the iPhone is that apps that play video can now offer picture-in-picture mode. This means that you can watch a video while doing other things on your phone. Of course, this is up to developers to choose to include such a feature.

Apple’s Foldable iPhone Could Have A Self-Healing Display
The problem with foldable phones right now is that in order to get the display to bend and fold in such a manner, companies turn to the use of plastic-based screens. The obvious downside is that this is clearly less durable compared to glass, but the flexibility is what allows them to achieve a foldable design.

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel Review
 As a former game developer, I kept a distant eye on the rise of Gaming phones, especially in the past couple of years. They started as being just big phones, but more and more “Gaming” features were added over time. The Legion Phone Duel caught my eyes at launch for being the most gaming-oriented phone I had seen, so I took one for a spin.

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Expansion Has Been Delayed
Back in August, Blizzard announced that the World of Warcraft “Shadowlands” expansion would be released towards the end of October. However, it seems that will no longer be the case as Blizzard has announced that the release of the expansion has been delayed to later this year, but did not specify when exactly.

EU Suggests That Smartphones Should Come Without Preinstalled Apps
While we’re not quite sure how the lawsuit between Apple and Epic will turn out, if anything it managed to spark a conversation about how companies like Apple handle apps and developers, in which a growing number of people and governments are starting to think that maybe Apple has too much power.

Heads Up: Not All Mac Computers Will Be Able To Stream Netflix In 4K
If there is one reason to look forward to the update to macOS Big Sur, it is because with the update to the operating system, Netflix users will finally be able to enjoy Netflix streams in 4K. Prior to that, the streams were capped at 1080p, so even if you had a 4K Netflix subscription, you couldn’t really take full advantage of it.

How To Cancel Your Disney+ Subscription
Disney+ is Disney’s attempt at creating a video streaming service. The platform is home to many popular Disney franchises, but if maybe it’s not quite your thing, not to worry because cancelling your subscription is a piece of cake.

Apple Could Bring Apple TV App To Xbox And PlayStation Consoles
It seems that Apple’s TV ambitions are starting to grow because according to multiple reports, Apple is apparently planning to bring its Apple TV app to more platforms like the Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Google Photos Just Got A Lot Better At Editing Your Photos
The Google Photos app is a great app for backing up your photos to the cloud. It also does a decent job at editing your images, although it did feel a bit basic compared to some other apps out there. However, alongside the announcement of the new Pixel smartphones, Google has also announced an update to Google Photos that turns it into a much more compelling editing app.

Google Unveils A New Chromecast With Google TV Built Into It
Google’s Chromecast is an easy way for users to sort of turn their TVs into smart TVs, where as long as your TV has a HDMI port, you can plug it in and run apps from a phone or computer and mirror it on your TV. However, for the most part, Chromecast was usually about mirroring the screen on another device.

Google Just Launched Its New Nest Audio Smart Speaker
Earlier this year, we had heard rumors that Google was planning a new Nest speaker. Given that Google had been slowly transitioning some of its products to the Nest brand, and with the Nest Hub Max, it makes sense that they would have a new Nest speaker that would replace the old Google Home.

Google Assistant Can Now Stay On Hold For You While You Do Other Stuff
Sometimes when you try to get in touch with a company’s customer service, depending on the volume of calls and complexity of your question, you might need to be put on hold. This is fine, but sometimes it can be a bit of a wait in which you can’t really do anything else except to wait, but not anymore.

Google Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G Smartphones Announced
When Google announced the Pixel 4a last month, the company also announced that they had a couple more handsets on the way in the form of the Google Pixel 5 and the 5G version of the Pixel 4a. If you have been looking forward to either handset, you’ll be pleased to learn that the phones have since been announced.

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