SoundCould Could Soon Let You Support Artists Directly
Supporting your favorite artist back in the day basically meant buying their records and going to their concerts. These days, it’s become about streaming, but even then, some artists feel that the cut that they are given from streaming simply isn’t good enough. However, the good news is that SoundCloud wants to change that.

Microsoft Launches Their Own ‘Autofill’ Password Manager
If you use Google Chrome, Google has baked in its own password manager. Apple has iCloud Keychain, and now it looks like Microsoft wants in on the action as well and has since launched the Autofill password manager tool for various platforms. This includes iOS and Android where they will be available as part of the Authenticator app, and also Google’s Chrome browser where it will be an extension.

Microsoft Will Uninstall The Old Edge Browser From Windows Computers Starting April 13
While Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, it seemed like the stigma from the old days was too hard to shake, which resulted in Microsoft opting to create a new browser called Edge. However, even then that did not last long as Microsoft later rebuilt Edge using the Chromium platform.

Apple And Hyundai Talks Over The Apple Car Have Been Put On Hold
Apple’s plans for their own car have been kind of an open secret. While the company has never quite normally acknowledged their plans, all their various hires have certainly suggested as such. This is why it was surprising when Hyundai actually kind of confirmed that they were in talks with Apple to help them build their car.


Razer Huntsman V2 Analog Challenges The Concept Of Mechanical Keyboards
Regardless of whether you use a regular membrane keyboard or a mechanical keyboard, the concept of its functionality is the same – you press down to complete the circuit and register the keystroke. However, Razer thinks that they can challenge the current concept of mechanical keyboards by launching the Razer Huntsman V2.

Razer’s New Thunderbolt 4 Dock Comes With RGB Lights You Never Knew You Needed
Whether you’re using a desktop or a laptop, having a dock that gives you quick access to ports so you don’t have to reach around your computer and fiddle with things isn’t a bad idea. It can be used to quickly attach and detach removable storage drives, peripherals that might not necessarily need a lot of power, and so on.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra ReviewEditor's Pick
The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Samsung’s “best of the best” for the first half of this year, and despite the leading-edge technology, the S21 Ultra price is $200 lower than the S20 Ultra at launch. Let’s take a closer look at the user experience to see how the S21 Ultra performs in the real-world and where it stands in the grand scheme of things. Specifications Highlights Product Galaxy S21 Ultra […]

How To Recover Deleted Emails In Gmail
Accidentally deleted an email you didn’t mean to? If you’re using Gmail, here are some ways you can recover that deleted email.

How to Change Microphone Volume in Windows 10
Are you getting feedback from people that say that you sound too quiet when you’re on video or voice calls? Then you might want to increase your microphone’s volume, and here’s how you can do that.

Instagram Could Be Looking To Borrow A TikTok Feature
For those who use Instagram and have browsed Stories, you know that moving from one Story to the other is basically tapping to the left or the right of your display. TikTok, on the other hand, employs a different method of navigation where users scroll down to move from one TikTok video to another.

Apple’s AR Glasses Might Be Able To Tell When You’re Distracted
When Google launched their Google Glasses years ago, it was a rather exciting time, but ultimately the project kind of fizzled. Now it seems that Apple could be interested in picking up the mantle with their own set of AR glasses, but the question is, what kind of features might it pack to make it stand out from what came before it?

11 Year Old Poses As A Hacker Online, Blackmails His Own Father
Just because you consider someone to be your family, even if it’s necessarily by blood, it doesn’t mean that they can’t turn around and betray you or do things that work against you. Take for example over in India, where a man who extorted by what he thought was a group of hackers, only to find out that it was his 11-year old son.

Apple’s Rumored VR Headset Could Cost $3,000
As some of you might have heard, it wasn’t too long ago that there was a rumor claiming that Apple could actually be planning to launch a VR headset ahead of their AR glasses. Now thanks to a new report from The Information (paywall), more details about the rumored device has surfaced.

Overwatch 2, Diablo IV Won’t Be Launching In 2021
So a couple of years ago during BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard announced a couple of sequels for their franchises. This included Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV. It has been about two years since those announcements, which means that we should be able to expect either game to be released soon, right?

Apple Watch Saves 58-Year Old Runner’s Life
Just because you workout everyday doesn’t necessarily mean that you are 100% healthy. There could be other underlying issues that you might not be aware of. Take for example 58-year old Bob March, whose wife, Lori March, gave him an Apple Watch for their 17th wedding anniversary.

Bang & Olufen’s Beosound Level Will Blend Into Your Home Perfectly
One of the things about Bang & Olufsen’s audio products is that they aren’t always designed to look very obvious at what they’re meant to be used for. This is ideal for people who are particular about their home furnishings and want gadgets that can blend into their homes nicely. This is where the company’s latest Beosound Level comes in.

The Apple Car Has Been Designed Not To Have A Driver
Many car makers and tech companies are working on self-driving cars that will do away with the need for a driver. So far, things have been progressing somewhat steadily and nicely, but we are far from a future where we can hop in a car without a driver and it takes us where we need to go.

Evo Is One Of The Most Compact CNC Milling Machines We’ve Seen To Date
When you think of CNC milling machines, you might think of those massive devices that probably takes like 10 people to try and move and setup. However, if you don’t have the space for such a machine or don’t really have the need or the capital for a more traditional CNC milling machine, then Evo is a Kickstarter project worth checking out.

YouTube App Will Stop Working On Third-Gen Apple TVs Next Month
If you happen to own an Apple TV that’s from the third-generation lineup, then you might want to consider making an upgrade. This is because it seems that starting next month, the YouTube app on the Apple TV will no longer work with third-gen Apple TV devices or older. This means that the app will only support Apple TV HD (fourth gen) and Apple TV 4K (the fifth and current-gen).

Amazon’s Next CEO Could Be Interested In Making Video Games
In case you didn’t know, Amazon actually has their own development studio where they make video games. Dubbed Amazon Game Studios, it wouldn’t be surprising if you have not heard of them since they haven’t exactly been cranking out triple A titles that have managed to receive critical acclaim.

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