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iPhone 12 Production Reportedly Runs Into Quality Issues
If Apple plans to launch their new iPhones in the next few months, there is a good chance that manufacturing of parts and components should already be underway. That does seem to be the case according to reports, but based on a new report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it would appear that Apple might have run into some quality issues.

How To Turn Your Old Smartphone Into A Security Camera
Chances are over the years, you’ve probably gone through a few smartphones. If you’re the type that keeps your old phones around, how about maybe giving them a second life? One of the things you can do with your old smartphone is that you can actually turn it into a security camera of sorts.

The iPhone 12 Will Be Retaining Its Massive Notch
One of the criticisms about the iPhone series with the TrueDepth camera and Face ID would be the notch that Apple has embedded in the display. For the most part, many have become accustomed to the notch in the display, but this isn’t to say that it cannot be improved upon or maybe even removed entirely.

iPhone 12 Could Launch In Two Stages
Last week, Apple confirmed that the launch of its highly-anticipated iPhone 12 would be delayed. The company did not state when exactly the phones will be launching, but it seems that it might miss its typical September launch. Now a new report from DigiTimes is claiming that the launch could actually be split into two stages.


Apple Wants To Turn Our iPhones Into Payment Terminals
The problem with some of the mobile payment solutions out there is that they require that retailers and vendors adopt new hardware or software. It might not necessarily be an issue for larger retailers, but for smaller companies, it could be an additional cost that they might want to pay.

Apple Is Now The Most Valuable Company In The World
While Apple might not necessarily command a particularly huge share of the PC market, it seems that the company’s other products and services are doing pretty well because according to the latest share count submitted by Apple in a regulatory filing, it appears that the Cupertino company is now the most valuable company in the world.

We Might Not See iPhones With 120Hz Displays For A While
When Apple introduced 120Hz displays to the iPad Pro, many were expecting that the company would eventually introduce it to their iPhones. It was largely expected that this year could be the year, although a more recent rumor had suggested that might not be the case. Now according to the latest rumors, it seems that we probably shouldn’t expect it in 2021’s iPhones either.

Apple Confirms iPhone 12 Delay By A Few Weeks
Apple is rarely upfront about their plans and timelines aside from official announcements. However, perhaps to put an end to the speculation and endless rumors, Apple has actually confirmed that this year’s iPhone 12 will be delayed from its typical September launch to a few weeks later.

Qualcomm Seemingly Confirms The iPhone 12’s Delay
Right now there is a bit of confusion as to when the iPhone 12s will be launched. Some believe that the phones will still be announced in September but could be released later, while others believe that the launch could take place later. Now according to a tweet by Jon Prosser and also Qualcomm, it looks like we can expect the new iPhone 12s in October.

iPhone 12 A14 RAM Component Surfaces On Twitter
With the iPhone 11 sporting the A13 Bionic chipset, it is largely expected that with the iPhone 12, Apple could be introducing a new A14 chipset.  Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen, although given the company’s previous releases, it almost feels like a guarantee that will happen.

Alleged 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Display Panels Leaked
There seems to be mounting evidence to suggest that Apple could be working on a smaller 5.4-inch iPhone 12. Save for the iPhone SE, Apple hasn’t really made that small of an iPhone in years so it is actually interesting to see the company return to a smaller form factor, and now thanks to a leak, it  looks like those rumors could be true.

iOS 14 Beta Seemingly Confirms A Smaller iPhone
According to the rumors, Apple is set to launch four iPhone models this year. What’s interesting is that one of the models, the base model to be exact, will come in a smaller 5.4-inch body compared to the 6.1-inch and 6.8-inch models. Save for the iPhone SE, Apple has not released a flagship iPhone in such a small body for a while now.

iPhone 12 Batteries Could Be Slightly Bigger Than We Previously Thought
The other day, it was reported that the batteries in the iPhone 12 could actually be smaller than its predecessors. This was disappointing to hear, especially if they’re true, but it seems that there could be a chance that they might be bigger than we previously thought, according to a report from MySmartPrice.

iPhone 12’s Braided Lightning To USB-C Cable Leaked
According to the rumors, Apple is set to give its Lightning to USB-C cable an upgrade. Apparently Apple will be bundling this new cable with the iPhone 12 and instead of the thin piece of rubber covering the cable, Apple will be upgrading it and making it braided instead, which should prove to be more durable.