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Murder Suspect Allegedly Used An iPhone To Track His Victim
If you’ve ever lost your iPhone, then you know that you can easily find it using Apple’s Find My app. While this is obviously meant to be a good thing, it seems that it can also be used for bad things, such as the case where over in Florida, a murder suspect was thought to have used an iPhone to track his victim.

Apple Hit With Lawsuit Over Exploding iPhone 6 Battery
While there is a lot of research being done on battery technology to make them safer and longer lasting, for the most part, our mobile devices continue to use lithium-ion as its battery. While lithium-ion batteries are generally safe, they do have the tendency to explode if not treated properly, such as taking hard hits or using unofficial accessories to charge it with.

This Could Be Our First Look At The iPhone 13 Pro Max
Later on this year, we can expect Apple to launch their brand new iPhones, which right now are being referred to as the iPhone 13. Part of the lineup is also expected to include the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the top of the line model and the best iPhone 13 that money can buy, but what could it look like?

Samsung Expected To Supply Apple With iPhone Component To Enable 120Hz Refresh Rates
If the rumors are to be believed, this year’s iPhone could finally see Apple introduce an iPhone with a 120Hz refresh rate. This is a big deal considering that many iPhone competitors in the Android space have managed to achieve this feat years ago. Now adding fuel to the fire is a new report claiming that Samsung will be supplying Apple with a component of the display.


Apple’s First Foldable Phone Could Be A Success
Earlier, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made a rather bold claim in which he stated that he believed that based on his sources, Apple could start selling its first ever foldable iPhone in 2023. Now according to Kuo, he seems to think that Apple’s first attempt at a foldable smartphone could actually be a success.

8-inch Foldable iPhone Expected In 2023
There have been rumors circulating for a while now that Apple could be working on a foldable iPhone. It is an interesting rumor since it sounds like Apple wants to hop on the bandwagon that Samsung had created, even though foldable phones still aren’t quite mainstream yet. Now it looks like we might have a date for the device.

Apple Sued Over iPhone Water Resistance Claims
Apple designed its newer iPhones with water-resistance in mind, which is a good thing if you ever get it wet and worry about whether or not it will still work after that. However, some have felt that maybe Apple is overpromising on its water-resistance claims, and have since filed a lawsuit against the Cupertino company.

Apple Introduces iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 In New Purple Finish
Apple’s base iPhone 12 models have a pretty colorful lineup to choose from, but it looks like they might have gotten just a bit more colorful. This is because at Apple’s Spring Loaded event, the company surprised everyone by announcing a new purple finish for both the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12.

Microsoft Launches xCloud Public Beta For iOS Devices
While Apple has relaxed the restrictions on game streaming apps and services on iOS devices, it is still quite restrictive in terms of what developers need to do in order to get a streaming app authorized to be listed on the App Store. This is why many have since found a workaround which is by using Safari.

Some iPhone 11 Users Are Seeing Increased Battery Health After Battery Recalibration
It was recently discovered that Apple will be including a new battery recalibration tool in iOS 14.5 that will adjust and recalibrate the iPhone’s battery health like maximum capacity and peak performance capability. Now according to various users who are taking part in the iOS 14.5 beta, they are seeing positive results.

Analyst Claims More Than One iPhone 13 Could Come With An LTPO Display
One of the popular iPhone 13 rumors is that it could finally see Apple introduce a 120Hz refresh rate to the iPhone lineup. Given that Apple achieved this with the iPad Pro years ago, many have been wondering why it has taken the company this long to bring the feature over to the iPhone.

Future iPhones Might Not Even Come With Buttons
There have been rumors suggesting that Apple could be developing an iPhone without any ports for the future. Now it seems that not only could we see a portless iPhone, but an iPhone that lacks any kind of visible buttons. This is according to a patent discovered by AppleInsider which suggests that Apple is exploring the concept of invisible buttons.

Google Assistant Can Now Help You Find Your iPhone
If you use an iPhone and have misplaced it, Apple has its “Find My” tool that will help you locate it. However, the good news is that you will now have more options to choose from because Google has announced that its Google Assistant digital assistant can now be used to help find your iPhone as well.

iPhone 14 Could Come With A Massive Camera Upgrade
Apple’s iPhone cameras have always performed very well. Maybe not as good compared to some of the competition in some regards, but always good enough to keep customers satisfied. However, if there is one thing that Apple rarely competes on, it would be megapixel count, instead choosing to focus on other hardware and software aspects to boost its performance.

iPhone 15 Could Finally Ditch The Notch
Apple’s iPhone this year is expected to maintain the notch in its display. However, based on the leaked images we’ve seen, it will be smaller. There have been rumors that the notch could be here to stay for a while, but we might only need to put up with it for a couple more generations, or at least that’s what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes.

iPhone Mini Series Might Bite The Dust In 2022
Starting with the iPhone 12, Apple introduced a “mini” variant that was smaller and cheaper. Unfortunately, unlike the iPhone XE and its successors, the iPhone 12 mini was not a resounding success, which is why we can’t say we’re too surprised to learn that come 2022, the “mini” lineup could be biting the dust.

iPhone Spends A Year Under Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake And Survives
Our smartphones, for the most part, aren’t really designed to be submerged underwater. They are designed to withstand water in the event we accidentally get them wet, but they were never really designed to go deep underwater, let alone remain there submerged for months on end. However, we are surprised from time to time with these stories.

iPhone 11 Pro With Misaligned Logo Sells For $2,700
Society is a bit funny sometimes. When we receive a product that is not up to the quality or standards we expect from the company, we make a fuss about it. However, there is another part of society where these sorts of quality issues are actually welcome and accepted because it represents a rare occurrence.

iPhone 13’s LTPO Display Could Result In 20% Energy Savings
According to the rumors, one of the biggest changes coming to the iPhone this year would be the introduction of an LTPO display with a 120Hz refresh rate. It was initially thought that the use of LTPO displays were to help offset the potential energy drain from the 120Hz refresh rate, but it turns out it might be more efficient than we thought.

Samsung Has A Hilarious Experiment That Transforms An iPhone Into A Galaxy Smartphone
It goes without saying that Samsung would be more than happy if they are able to convert an iPhone user to a Samsung user. The reverse would also probably be true, but in the case of Samsung, the company has actually launched an interactive website called “iTest” that basically “transforms” your iPhone into a Galaxy smartphone.