Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Could Be Released This Week

There will be several Marvel movies released this year, one of them being the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, also known as Spider-Man: Far From Home. For those who can’t wait to see what the movie might have in store for us, you’ll be pleased to learn that there is a good chance that the trailer could drop this week.

Analyst Thinks Apple Needs To Make ‘Significant Price Cuts’

Apple’s iPhones in recent times have gone up in price by so much that the base flagship models are starting at $1,000. The iPhone XR on the other hand was meant to be positioned as the more affordable model, although at its current pricing where it is priced starting at $750, it doesn’t really quite feel that way.

Suspects Cannot Be Forced To Unlock iPhones With Face ID, Touch ID

Before biometric security features were used for our smartphones, most phones relied on security features like a passcode, or in the case of Android, a pattern unlock feature. It also presented certain legal conundrums as to whether or not suspects could be forced by the police to unlock their devices (no, they can’t).

Instagram Is Now Optimized For The iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max Again

A couple of weeks ago, Instagram issued an update that seemed to sort of “break” the app for iPhone XR and XS Max users. Basically due to some compatibility and crashing issues, Instagram had to roll back to an older version of Xcode that they used to compile the app, which turn meant that the app was on longer optimized for Apple’s larger iPhones.


Google Testing Out Coffee Delivery By Drones In Australia

Is drone delivery the future of deliveries? We know that some companies are already working on such technology, and a recent video published by the Wall Street Journal has revealed that over in the state of Canberra, Australia, Google is already testing out and making deliveries by autonomous drones.

New Nike Self-Lacing Shoes Can Be Controlled From A Phone

Nike launched its HyperAdapt 1.0 self-lacing sneakers back in 2016. They didn’t have wireless connectivity so you couldn’t lace them up using an app on your phone. The sneakers had physical power buttons for self-lacing which you had to press every time you wanted to activate the self-lacing feature. Nike is going to address this with its first self-lacing basketball shoes. You will be able to control them from a […]

Tidal’s Streaming Numbers Have Come Under Investigation

Tidal isn’t as big of a music streaming service as Spotify or Apple Music but it does have respectable streaming numbers. However, it’s under investigation for allegedly bogus streaming numbers in Norway. Norwegian financial newspaper Dagens Næringsliv reports that authorities in Norway have opened an investigation following reports that millions of Tidal’s stream are bogus.

Police Use Robot To Deliver A Vape Pen To End Standoff

Robots can save lives in a variety of different situations, even when someone is in the middle of a standoff with the police and threatening to set fire to a convenience store. Police in Novato, California was involved in one such standoff over the weekend which ended peacefully when they used a robot to deliver a vape pen to the 40-year-old man threatening to set the store on fire.

Father Develops App That Forces Kids To Answer Texts From Parents

Do you feel that your kids ignore your texts? Would you like to find out if they really do that? Well, there’s an app for that. Nick Herbert has developed an app called ReplyASAP which forces kids to reply to text messages from their parents. The idea to develop this app came to him when his son got a smartphone.

Facebook Now Lets Users Share Events To Stories

Facebook has seen considerable success with the Stories feature on Instagram so much so that it has started offering the feature on almost all of its services. However, Stories on Instagram still attract the most amount of users across all of its products. In a bid to improve the usage numbers on Facebook proper, the social network is now allowing users to share Events to Stories.

Spotify Inks Global Content Deal With T-Series For Over 160,000 Songs

Spotify, the most widely used music streaming service in the world, today announced that it has inked a global content deal with Indian music company T-Series. The deal comes ahead of Spotify’s launch in the Indian market. It brings more than 160,000 songs present in T-Series’ catalog to Spotify for streaming.

First Cadillac Electric Vehicle Teaser Released

It was reported last week that General Motors will now be leading its push in the electric vehicle market under the Cadillac brand. A teaser image of the first Cadillac electric vehicle has now been posted online. As part of the company’s new strategy, Cadillac is now its lead EV brand and will be aggressively competing in this nascent market.

First 5G Remote Surgery Completed In China

We’re going to be hearing a lot about 5G this year. It’s one of the buzzwords for 2019. Major carriers in countries like the United States and South Korea will be opening up their consumer 5G networks as mobile manufacturers launch compatible devices. The next-generation network technology is also being used in other applications. It was used for successfully completing the first 5G remote surgery in China.

U.S. Army Is Considering Automated AI Weapons

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence has the potential to be used for warfare. That’s something the United States Army is looking into. The head of the army’s acquisitions has said allowing artificial intelligence to fully control some weapons systems may be the only way to defeat some enemy weapons.

Nintendo Switch Online May Offer SNES Games

Nintendo hasn’t confirmed this as yet but it appears that the company might be adding a plethora of SNES games to Nintendo Switch Online. The service already provides subscribers with access to several NES games so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary if it started offering SNES games as well. A data miner seems reasonably sure that this is going to happen.

Apple HomePad Launches In China On January 18th

Apple is expanding the availability of its smart speaker to one of its most crucial markets. The company has confirmed today that the HomePod will be making its way to China this week. Customers in China and Hong Kong will be able to purchase the HomePod starting January 18th.

Oppo Possibly Launching 10x Optical Zoom System For Smartphones

There are a few smartphones on the market that can handle 2x optical zoom at best. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one such device. China-based Oppo seems to be gearing up to launch a new system in the near future which would provide a staggering 10x optical zoom on a smartphone. This may very well be the world’s first 10x optical zoom system for a mobile device.

The Most Liked Picture On Instagram Is Now An Egg

Kylie Jenner’s claim on having the most liked picture on Instagram has been poached by an unlikely contender. It’s not another celebrity that million of people follow. It’s a stock image of a plain egg. That image was uploaded with the sole purpose of taking this title and it has succeeded. The image has over 29 million likes as of this liking.

HBO Confirms Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere Date

HBO had revealed when it was going to reveal the premiere date for the final season of Game of Thrones last week. Yes, the cable giant is milking the final season of this insanely popular series for all it’s worth. It has not only confirmed the premiere date but also released the first teaser for the eighth and final season.

Xiaomi’s Redmi May Launch Budget Snapdragon 855 Smartphone

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 platform is what you’ll find in flagship smartphones due this year. For example, the Galaxy S10 will be using this platform in markets like the United States. Xiaomi’s Redmi sub-brand may be looking to launch a Snapdragon 855-based affordable smartphone. It’s not as preposterous as it sounds.

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