Indian Government Wants WhatsApp To Come Up With A Way To Curb Fake News

Fake news can spread through various mediums, such as social media. It can also be spread through messaging apps such as WhatsApp, where users can simply forward and pass along fake news to their contacts at a touch of a button. This has presented a problem in the past in countries such as India, where it now appears that the government has had enough.

Sony ‘CinemaWide’ Trademark Hints At The Xperia XZ4’s Display

Sony’s next flagship smartphone is expected to be the Sony Xperia XZ4, which leaked photos and specs have clued us in on some features that we can expect. Now according to a trademark filing spotted by LetsGoDigital, the company has filed for the trademark for “CinemaWide”.

OnePlus Hosting Closed Door Event At MWC 2019

We know that OnePlus has a couple of phones in the works at the moment. One of which is the OnePlus 7, and the other is a 5G smartphone that will be a separate device. However could the company have something else in the works? That’s what seems to be the speculation as a report from AllAboutOnePlus is reporting that the company has sent out invites for a closed door […]

Another Titanfall-Based Game Is Expected To Be Released This Year

Recently it was confirmed that Titanfall 3 was not in the works and we’re sure it was a bit of a bummer for fans of the franchise. Instead Respawn decided to release Apex Legends, a Titanfall spinoff with a battle royale theme. However it turns out that Apex Legends won’t be the only Titanfall spinoff we can expect this year.


Disney’s Captain Marvel Will Not Be Coming To Netflix

Netflix is currently home to several Marvel movies which have been released and made available on the streaming platform for those who might want to rewatch them, or who might have missed out on watching it in the cinema. However Disney’s upcoming Captain Marvel will not be making that cut.

Battlefield V Sold Less Than What EA Had Expected

The Battlefield franchise has been one of EA’s main staples where every year (or every other year) a new Battlefield game is released. Last year EA gave us Battlefield V, the latest title in the franchise, but unfortunately it seems that despite the game receiving pretty good feedback and reviews, it was not the hot seller that the publisher had anticipated.

Disney Promises To Continue Making R-Rated Deadpool Movies

Recently it was confirmed that Deadpool 3 is in development. However with Disney on the cusp of acquiring Fox’s assets, there is a good chance that by the time the movie is released, it should fall under Disney’s banner. However therein lies the question of whether or not, especially with Disney’s penchant for family-friendly movies, will Deadpool 3 maintain its R-rating?

Oculus Rift S Headset Hinted At In Software Code

It has been a while since the Oculus Rift headset has been refreshed. This is versus headsets like the HTC Vive which has seen several variations launched to date. There were talks about a Rift 2, but as Engadget points out, a report from TechCrunch back in 2018 suggested that the company might be looking to release a lightly-refreshed Rift S headset instead.

Apple Could Still Be Exploring Fingerprint Technology For The iPhone

Face ID might be the predominant security feature on Apple’s iPhones and iPads for the next few years. Apple has touted how the feature is more secure, but yet there are certain limitations on it. For example you have to look at your phone in order for it to unlock, versus fingerprint where you can unlock it without having to look at your phone which can come in handy.

OnePlus Wants Users To Design The Next Feature For OxygenOS

Designing products is a mix of coming up with ideas for problems that customers did not have, and also taking into account feedback from customers on what they liked and did not like from before. So if you think that you have an idea for a feature that could improve on the OnePlus OxygenOS, the company wants to hear from you.

More Indoor Maps Added To Apple Maps

When it comes to mapping apps that can help you find your way around a new city, there are plenty of apps out there to choose from, such as Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and so on. However sometimes there are some buildings that are so vast and foreign that you can get lost in them, which is where indoor mapping plays a big role.

Facebook Could Be Looking To Build A Unified Business Messaging Tool

Facebook owns multiple services and products that businesses use to reach their customers. There’s Facebook itself, then there’s Instagram, and to a certain extent there’s also WhatsApp which is used primarily for communication. Each of these platforms allow users to interact with customers, but the problem is that they’re separate from each other.

Lawsuit Alleges That Apple Bricks Its Own iPhone Chargers

While companies like Apple make most of their money from customers buying their main products, they also make money by selling accessories for their products like cables, chargers, and so on. However it seems that some feel that Apple might be running some kind of scheme where they intentionally brick their chargers so that customers are forced to buy new ones.

HomePod Commands 6% Of US Smart Speaker Market

Apple’s HomePod speakers are currently one of the pricier options in the market today. When you compare it against other smart speakers like the Amazon Echo Dot or the Google Home Mini, the HomePod seems downright expensive, plus given the fact that Apple only has one option, it doesn’t give customers much choice.

Mayo Clinic Creates Online Tool That Predicts Kidney Stones

Have you had kidney stones before? These issues are not a one time deal as they can happen again, but if you’d like to possibly get ahead of the problem, not to worry because the folks at the Mayo Clinic have developed an online tool that has the ability to predict whether or not you might be at risk of getting kidney stones again.

Logitech Unveils A Bunch Of G-Series Gaming Headsets

If you’re in the market for a new set of gaming headphones, then Logitech might have something for you. This is because the company has recently taken the wraps off four brand new gaming headsets part of its G-series lineup, so there definitely should be something there that would appeal to you.

US Lawmakers Are Questioning Apple Over FaceTime Bug

Bugs are common in software. Sometimes they are relatively harmless, but sometimes they can be huge. A recent example would be Apple’s FaceTime bug where the caller can listen in on the person they’re calling while making a FaceTime call, and that person would not even need to pick up their device, scary isn’t it?

Respawn’s Apex Legends Racks Up 1 Million Players In 8 Hours

Respawn, best known for their work on the Titanfall series, has recently released a free-to-play battle royale game in the form of Apex Legends which is also based on the Titanfall franchise. It turns out that despite the battle royale genre being so competitive and saturated, Respawn’s name seems to carry a bit of weight.

FCC Filing Hints At Samsung Galaxy S10’s Reverse Wireless Charging

One of the unique features of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro handset is its ability to reverse wireless charge. This means that the phone itself can act as a wireless charger where it will be able to wirelessly charge another device, such as another smartphone, as long as that device supports wireless charging as well.

Tesla Unveils New iPhone Cases On Its New Amazon Storefront

Want to buy a Tesla but can’t afford one? We hear you, but not to worry because if you have anywhere between $35 to $45 to spend, you can actually get your hands on Tesla’s iPhone cases where the company has put them up for sale on their new Amazon storefront where they will be available in a couple of different styles.

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