Researchers Develop Microneedles That Dissolve In Your Eye

When it comes to treatment for certain eye conditions, sometimes eye drops are prescribed. However sometimes eye drops aren’t the most effective way of dispensing medication, although the alternative are injections which let’s face it, seeing a needle come towards your eye is probably not the most pleasant thing that you can look forward to.

Diablo Immortal’s Trailer Has The Third Highest YouTube Dislike Percentage

The idea of being able to play a game like Diablo on your phone sounds like an excellent idea on paper, but yet following the official announcement of Diablo Immortal, Blizzard was hit with a ton of backlash from fans who felt “cheated” that the company chose to announce a mobile game instead of Diablo 4.

Google Confirms That Dark Mode Helps With Android’s Battery Life

We’re seeing more companies introduce dark mode to their apps these days. There are obvious reasons for dark mode, such as making an app easier on the eyes when using the app at night, and also giving users more options and flexibility in terms of how an app looks like. As it turns out, dark mode is also great for battery life.

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Features Winnie The Pooh

Disney’s franchises have typically been seen as lighthearted and funny, which means that it would be difficult trying to integrate them into an RPG. However Square Enix seems to have successfully done that, as we have seen in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, and the latest trailer shows off more Disney characters that we can expect, such as Winnie the Pooh.


Apple Wants To Make Sure You’re Wearing Your Headphones Properly

Putting on a pair of headphones is simple enough. You either stuff the earbuds into your ear, or you slip the headphone cups over or onto your ears. However according to a recently discovered patent, Apple seems to have developed a system that wants to help ensure that you have your headphones put on correctly.

Samsung To Produce 1 Million Units Of Its Foldable Smartphone Initially

At the Samsung Developer Conference last week, the company officially introduced its foldable smartphone. The design of the actual phone was hidden, but we got to see how the device works and what we might be able to expect. There is still no word on an actual launch, but it seems that in terms of availability, Samsung might not be producing as much at the start.

OnePlus’ 5G Smartphone Might Not Be The OnePlus 7

OnePlus had previously stated that they will be launching a 5G smartphone in 2019 which many had assumed would be either the OnePlus 7 or the 7T. This is based on the company’s release schedule in which they typically launch two flagship smartphones a year. However as it turns out, that might not be the case.

Apple’s Face ID Component Supplier Has Been Acquired For $3.2 Billion

When Apple introduced the TrueDepth camera system in the iPhone X, this meant that the company had to turn to new suppliers for the components necessary for the technology behind features like Face ID. Finisar has been known as the company that supplies to the necessary components to Apple, and now it looks like they might have been bought out.

Spending Less Time On Social Media Could Reduce Loneliness

Social media, as its name suggests, lets people be “social” on the internet where you can share your life with your friends and family members even if you’re living thousands of miles away. However social media seems to have had a very different effect, where friends and families can go out with each other, but yet bury their noses in their phones.

2018 Mac Mini Teardown Shows How Repairable It Is

Apple’s computers haven’t exactly been known to be repair-friendly. This is one of the company’s main criticisms as Apple’s official repairs tend to be pretty expensive. However in the case of Apple’s newly-launched Mac Mini, it turns out that it isn’t as hard to fix compared to some of the company’s other computers.

Giphy Launches Its Own Short Form Video Platform

For those who love their GIFs, Giphy is one of the main platforms that many turn to to find and send GIFs, whether it be used in chats, forums, emails, and so on. However it looks like Giphy has decided to turn their attention and expand their offerings where they will soon start to offer short form videos on its platform.

Analyst Claims Apple’s iPhone XR Inventories Are ‘Bloated’

Is the iPhone XR selling well, or is it selling poorly? That seems to be something that analysts can’t quite agree upon. Initial reports claimed that the iPhone XR pre-orders had outpaced the pre-orders of the iPhone 8, but later it was suggested that production boosts for the iPhone XR had been cancelled due to alleged low demand.

IKEA’s Smart Blinds Could Cost Around $113

IKEA has been expanding their lineup, and while the company is known for their affordable furniture, they have expanded their catalogue to include devices like smart light bulbs, smart speakers, and have also worked with Apple to dabble in the use of augmented reality to help market their furnitures.

Judge Orders Amazon To Hand Over Echo Data In Homicide Case

While smart devices like the Amazon Echo are great for controlling your smart home objects, finding information online using your voice, and so on, there are some who might also be concerned regarding their privacy, where such smart speakers are typically always-listening which has led some to be worried about having their conversations recorded.

Alibaba’s Singles’ Day Sales Pulls In Over $20 Billion In Under 24 Hours

For the past few years over in China, various retailers in the country would celebrate what is known as “Singles’ Day” on the 11th of November (11/11). Given the amount of sales it generates, it has managed to garner the attention from the rest of the world, which in turn has resulted in retailers in other countries also adopting a similar sales.

Scientists Use Math To Create The ‘Perfect’ Pizza

Different pizza shops do their pizza differently and this is due to a variety of reasons, such as the dough used, how much sauce is used to layer the base of the pizza, how hot the oven is, how thin the dough of the pizza has been kneaded and tossed, and so on, so suffice to say it’s hard to create the “perfect” pizza.

Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy Picks Up Backward Compatibility For Xbox One

The backward compatibility program for the Xbox One enables developers to bring their old titles to the current-gen console. Final Fantasy fans will be interested in knowing that the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy has picked up backward compatibility support for the Xbox One. Microsoft and Square Enix have confirmed that the three games will be making their way to the Xbox One.

Volkswagen Reportedly Developing A $23,000 Electric Car

German auto giant Volkswagen is reportedly developing a cheaper electric car which it will sell of under 20,000 euros or $23,000. The company is also said to protect jobs in Germany by converting three of its factories to manufacture these cheap electric cars in the country.

Paris Region Launching World’s Largest Fleet Of Electric Bicycles

Electric scooters are being deployed in major cities across the globe by states and startups alike to reduce congestion and pollution. The Paris region is reportedly going to take a similar step as part of a state-funded scheme which will be aimed at getting commuters to cycle to their destinations. Achieving this aim will require putting in place the largest fleet of electric bicycles in the world.

Musk’s Boring Company Also Wants To Dig Sewers

Elon Musk’s The Boring Company might have come into existence with the idea of revolutionizing public transport in congested cities but the company is interested in digging far more than just tunnels for its transit systems. Speaking at the National League of Cities’ 2018 City Summit in Los Angeles this week, Musk said that The Boring Company wants to provide tunneling services for a variety of other uses such as […]

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