YouTube Confirms Development Of Original Interactive Programming

Choose your own adventure style books have been around for a long time, but in recent years, Netflix has brought that onto our screens with their interactive shows for kids, and last year they made headlines with the launch of Black Mirror Bandersnatch that brought interactive shows to a wider audience.

Walmart To Add More Robots To Their Stores

It’s hard to deny the impact that online retailers such as Amazon have had on your more traditional brick and mortar retailers. Companies such as Walmart have no doubt been affected, but the company has been working on ways to try and get around this. For example, they have been letting customers place orders and pay online while in their stores.

Don’t Expect To See X-Men In The MCU For A Very Long Time

With Disney’s acquisition of Fox having been completed, it means that franchises such as X-Men will be returning to Marvel. So the big question is, when will Marvel fold the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? We know that this is almost a guarantee, with it only being a matter of time.

Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 Platform Claims 10X Power-Efficiency

It’s not every day that a large company like Qualcomm’s steps into a new market, and we might look back to this day as an inflection point in the cloud AI arms race.


Snapdragon 730G: Snapdragon Elite Gaming Features For The Masses Editor's Pick

At its “A.I Day” conference in San Francisco, Qualcomm has announced a few new Snapdragon processors, with the Snapdragon 730G, Snapdragon 730 and Snapdragon 665 as new additions to the Snapdragon platform.

Apple No Longer Charging $99 For Data Transfer To New Macs

Apple used to charge $99 to migrate data from your old Mac to the new one. The fee doesn’t really make sense in this day and age but Apple has kept it around for so long. Not anymore, though, as the company has quietly removed the $99 fee it charged for data transfers.

Twitter Limits Number Of Accounts You Can Follow In A Day

Like any popular social media platform, Twitter also has to deal with scammers who try and find a way around its systems to make a quick buck on the platform. The company has unveiled a new measure against spammers which involves limiting the number of people you can follow in a single day. It previously allowed users to follow up to 1000 accounts in a single day.

China Is Thinking About Banning Cryptocurrency Mining

Some of the largest cryptocurrency mining operations are understandably located in China but this isn’t something that the country feels is worth doing. Regulators in China appear to be even considering a ban on cryptocurrency mining altogether as they have classified it as an “undesirable” economic activity.

Alexa Now Provides More Detailed News Briefings

One of the simplest things that you can ask Alexa to do for you is to read the news. However, voice assistants like Alexa normally only provide a summary of the news that’s only good when you’re in a hurry. What about the times when you want to just kick back and catch up on all of the news in detail? Alexa will now be able to help you out […]

It’s Possible To Edit Google Docs In Dropbox Now

Google and Dropbox had announced over a year ago that they would work together to make their cloud storage services play nice with each other. The integration that was announced last summer is now switching things up a notch. It’s now possible for Dropbox Business customers to participate in an open beta program which allows them to edit Google Docs within Dropbox itself.

Tesla Sentry Mode Aids In Arrest Of Car Thief

Tesla rolled out the Sentry Mode for its electric cars so that the vehicle can keep an eye out for itself when the owner is away. It utilizes the onboard cameras to record any potential threat or damage and also notifies the owner of the same. A suspected car thief has now been arrested after evidence collected by Sentry Mode was turned over to the police.

Drones Start Delivering Food And Coffee In Australia’s Capital

If you’re based in Australia’s capital city of Canberra, you might be able to get your morning coffee delivered via a drone. Wing, a company that’s a graduate of Google’s X program, has begun offering drone deliveries for food and coffee in three suburbs just outside Canberra. The company says that it has tested this service more than 3,000 times over the past year and a half. It’s now rolling […]

Firefox Tests Browser Fingerprint And Crypto Mining Blocking

Mozilla continues to build more tracking protection for its Firefox internet browser. The company has revealed that it’s testing a new anti-tracking feature which will no longer allow websites to “fingerprint” users’ browsers and thus be able to track them even after they’re cleared their cookies. It’s also testing blocking cryptocurrency miners on websites.

Memorialized Facebook Profiles Get New Tributes Section

Your memory could continue to live on Facebook even after you’ve passed. The social network allows the creation of memorialized profiles of people who have died. It’s now expanding that functionality by adding a new tributes section to the pages. This would enable friends and family members of the deceased to continue posting memories of the departed on their pages.

The IRS Could Be Blocked From Offering Free Online Tax Filing

The current tax filing system in the United States relies on private services. A new bill is being pushed through Congress which would permanently block the government, the IRS in particular, from offering free online tax filing services to citizens. The bill would thus enshrine the existing system of reliance on private services into law.

Marvel To Reveal Plans For The MCU’s Phase 4 After Spider-Man: Far From Home

Many are undoubtedly curious as to what will become of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) after Avengers: Endgame. Endgame will be wrapping things up for certain characters, which begs the question of what can we expect in Phase 4 and beyond of the MCU? If you are curious, you might have to wait a bit.

WhatsApp Could Soon Be Supported On The iPad

The use of WhatsApp has largely been for mobile devices like our smartphones, but the good news is that if you’re on the iPad quite frequently and would love the ability to respond to messages, you might soon get the chance to do so. This is according to a report from WABetaInfo who claims that support for the iPad could be coming soon.

Windows 10 Will No Longer Require You To ‘Safely Remove’ USB Drives

If you’ve ever plugged a USB flash drive into Windows before and unplugged it, you might have gotten the warning message that you should probably use the “Safely remove” feature to eject your hard drive. This is due to concerns that removing it suddenly could somehow corrupt the data or cause errors as the drive could still be in use.

Samsung Installs Wireless Chargers At Bus Stations In Singapore

Wireless charging has more or less become the standard feature that we can expect from most high-end smartphones these days, but it seems that Samsung really wants its users to know that their new smartphones have the feature. So much so that they have teamed up with JCDecaux Singapore to promote the Galaxy S10.

Logitech Wireless Zone Headphones Announced

If you’re looking for a set of headphones that can do everything and anything, then Logitech might have you covered. The company has recently announced the Logitech Wireless Zone headphones which will come with a host of features that should make it a more convenient and efficient set of headphones to use.

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