The Grand Tour Gets Renewed For Season 4 But With One Major Change

Top Gear trio – Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May – landed on Amazon with a new car show after their exit from BBC. The Grand Tour’s first season had the gang in a massive tent shifting locations every episode. They opted to hunker down in a single location for the second season but retained many aspects of the first season. Amid rumors that the show would be canceled […]

First Infiniti Electric Crossover Concept Due Next Month

Nissan’s Infiniti will be commemorating its 30th anniversary in January by showing off the concept for its first all-electric crossover vehicle. The concept is going to be unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The concept will offer a glimpse into Infiniti’s design framework for its future electric vehicle plans.

Google Assistant Has Picked Up English And Australian Accents

If you’d much prefer Google Assistant to speak back to you in an accent that feels more like your own, then you better be English or Australian, because that’s the two it has recently picked up. Google has revealed that Assistant will now be able to speak in an English (British) and Australian accent. It can do this on a wide range of devices such as Android smartphones and smart […]

Apple Picks Up New JJ Abrams Limited Series

Apple has gradually been adding to its slate of original TV content and its acquisition drive doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down. The company has now picked up a new limited series produced by JJ Abrams. Starring Jennifer Garner, this limited series is titled My Glory Was I Had Such Friends. The series is based on the similarly titled Amy Silverstein memoir. The memoir recounted the stories […]


Facebook May Sell And Let Users Watch HBO Through Its Apps

Facebook may be thinking about getting into the pay TV game much like Amazon. A new report suggests that the company will soon be selling HBO subscriptions and will also enable users to watch the cable network through its own apps. It’s said to be in talks with major cable networks for this initiative, including HBO.

Amazon Starts Shipping Its Echo Wall Clock

Amazon launched a bunch of products that come with its Alexa assistant baked in earlier this year, a microwave and wall clock were some of those products. The company has now started shipping its Echo Wall Clock. The Alexa implementation in this device is a bit different from what many have come to expect from Amazon’s Echo products.

$150 Razer Raiju Mobile Controller Available Now

There’s absolutely no shortage of gaming controllers for Android smartphones on the market. However, if you’re a Razer fan, you may want to look at the one this company recently launched, even though it costs more than what most people would be comfortable paying for an accessory of this kind.

Facebook Reportedly Cuts Funding For News Show

Facebook Watch is a dedicated video hub on the social network. The company has been investing considerable capital in creating original content for Watch, including news shows. As Facebook Watch gets expanded to more markets across the globe, the company has reportedly cut funding for news shows on the platform.

Mars Orbiter Spots NASA’s InSight Lander From Space

Many of us have been fascinated by the journey of NASA’s InSight lander. It landed on Mars a couple of weeks ago after spending around six months traveling through space. The robot’s precise location within the Elysium Planitia is now known as it has been spotted by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter from space.

California Will Require City Buses To Be Electric Only By 2040

California is once again leading the charge in adopting a more environmentally friendly policy. After mandating solar panels for new developments not too long ago, the state has now decided to make it mandatory for all city buses to be fully electric by 2040. Mass transit agencies in California will be required to purchase electric buses only starting in 2029 and all public transit routes have to be populated by […]

WhatsApp For Android Picture-In-Picture Feature Now Available

A couple of months ago, it was spotted that the WhatsApp beta for Android had a picture-in-picture mode in testing. Now according to various Android user reports, it looks like the feature has finally started rolling out to Android users so if you haven’t updated your WhatsApp yet, you probably should.

Google Mobile Updated With Material Design

If you’re a fan of Google’s Material Design language, then you might be interested to learn that Google has started to roll out an updated design to its mobile website, where as you can see in the screenshots above, it has been updated with a Material Design makeover. It’s not particularly obvious but there are some changes.

Doctor Warns That Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Feature Is Not Accurate

When Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 4, one of the key features of the device was its built-in ECG feature, which in a recent report might have already saved its first life. However a doctor in Orange County is now warning that the readings from the ECG might not be as accurate as you might think.

Stardew Valley Creator Promises More Content For The Future

For the longest time ever, Stardew Valley was largely a single-player game. This doesn’t mean that updates and new content wasn’t important, it’s just that for the most part it was mostly self-contained and players were pretty happy with what was available in the game. However the good news is that the game’s developer, ConcernedApe, has announced that he will be working on more Stardew Valley content moving forwards.

Woman Claims Water-Resistant iPhone Saved Her Life After Boat Capsize

Apple’s newer iPhone models all feature water-resistance which is great for the accidental drop in the toilet or the swimming pool, but in the latest story, it seems that the iPhone managed to save a woman’s life after her boat had capsized in Japan, where its water-resistant capabilities allowed her to make a call to Japan’s coast guard who ultimately came to rescue them.

Yellow Could Be A Potential Color Option For The Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones usually come in pretty somber color options, but if the rumors are true, the Samsung Galaxy S10 could come in a nice yellow finish. However the catch is that this yellow finish could be exclusive to the smallest variant of the Galaxy S10.

Boeing 737 Passenger Jet Might Have Collided With Drone Midair

There is a reason why regulators have banned drones from being flown around airports. This is because while we’re sure it will be cool to take some videos and photos of planes taking off and landing from the perspective of a drone, it might end up being a bit dangerous as an inexperienced pilot might accidentally fly too close.

Porsche & BMW Unveil EV Charger That Adds 100 KM In 3 Minutes

It used to be that one of the downsides to owning an electric car is that it requires the use of a special charger. This is versus regular cars that can be refueled at gas stations that can be found easily. Electric cars also used to take a long time to charge, which once again made it feel like a disadvantage compared to regular cars where refueling only takes minutes.

These Photos Of People Are Actually Not Real, Were Generated By AI

We’ve seen how AI can be used rather disturbingly for deepfake videos, and it seems that AI is only getting better at this. NVIDIA has recently published their latest work on AI (via Motherboard) and as you can see in the video above, those are actually not photos of real people, but rather images generated by AI.

YouTube Has Removed 1.6 Million Channels In Q3 2018

Given that just about anyone can make a YouTube channels with a few clicks of a button, it’s not surprising that many have taken advantage of this to create spam channels that are filled with fake, spam, or misleading content. Thankfully YouTube seems to be on top of things because according to the company’s latest transparency report, they have deleted 1.6 million channels in Q3 2018 alone.

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