How To Test Your Internet Speed

Testing your internet speed is an efficient way of figuring out how close the on-paper internet performance is to the effective one. Therefore a simple and free test like that could serve you very well, especially if you are not confident about your internet plan. The process of testing your internet speed is simple and requires no technical knowledge from your end. Let us show you how.

Apple Investigated In Japan Over Alleged Anti-Competitive Practices

Given the popularity of the iOS platform, it’s easy to see how Apple can hold a tremendous amount of sway over developers. So much so that in a report from the Nikkei Asian Review (via AppleInsider), the company might have landed themselves in a bit of hot water as they are being investigated by Japan’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) over alleged anti-competitive behavior.

Nintendo Unveils New Walmart Exclusive Switch Bundle

If you have yet to hope on board the Nintendo Switch hype train, you might be interested to learn that Nintendo has announced a new exclusive bundle for Walmart. This bundle will come with the Nintendo Switch in a neon red/blue finish, a copy of the recently released Mario Tennis Aces that was launched last month, and also a copy of 1-2 Switch.

T-Mobile Launches Free 30-Day Trials In Three Cities

With so many carriers and plans to choose from, it can feel a bit overwhelming as a consumer. There are of course many factors involved in making a decision, but the good news is that T-Mobile is now offering free 30-day trials in three cities which includes Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; and Boston, Massachusetts.


Sony Will Have A ‘Serious’ Answer To Nikon & Canon’s Upcoming Mirrorless Cameras

It is safe to say that for the longest time ever, Sony has been hugely successful with their mirrorless cameras. They were the first to launch a full-frame mirrorless camera which has sat very well with professionals, so much so that there are more than a few who have since dumped their DSLRs in favor of these full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Tom Cruise Reportedly In The Running To Play Green Lantern

It’s safe to say that the first Green Lantern movie was not the best superhero movie we’ve seen. Even its star, Ryan Reynolds (who has since had huge success playing as Deadpool), admitted as much. However it seems that the Green Lantern movie could be getting a reboot, and this time it could come with one of Hollywood’s biggest names attached to it.

Refreshed MacBook Air Expected For End Of Q3 2018

While the MacBook Pro was recently refreshed a couple of months ago, there are some laptops from Apple’s MacBook lineup that have yet to receive a similar update. This includes the 12-inch MacBook and the MacBook Air, both of which have been rumored to be updated soon, possibly in the coming months.

Google One’s Availability Now Open To More Users

Google Drive is Google’s answer to cloud storage. Google bundles free storage to users, but there are also paid tiers should users desire more space. However this can admittedly be slightly confusing, which is why earlier this year Google announced Google One which is a paid cloud storage service.

Motorola Confirms Android 9.0 Pie Update For Their Phones

If you own a Motorola handset and you’re eager to get your hands on the recently released Android 9.0 Pie update, you might be interested to learn that Motorola has since announced and confirmed which of their handsets will be eligible to receive the update. Motorola did not specify when the update will be released save for this coming fall.

Researchers Develop Liquid Metal That Can Be Programmed

When you think about the term “liquid metal”, if you’re old enough chances are you might associate that with the antagonist from James Cameron’s Terminator 2. Now it looks like we are taking one additional step towards that future as researchers have actually created liquid metal that responds to programming.

Diablo 3 Seemingly Confirmed For The Nintendo Switch

There have been rumors that Blizzard has been working to bring Diablo 3 onto the Nintendo Switch. There has even been some sightings to suggest that the reports could be true, although Blizzard later seemed to shut those rumors down. However it turns out it might have all been a ruse.

New ‘Fallout 76’ Video Explains How Multiplayer Works

Unlike previous Fallout games where it was mostly focused on single-player content, Bethesda is approaching Fallout 76 differently by making it a multiplayer game. In a way you could think of it like a combination of Fallout games and also Fallout Shelter, where you get the experience of Fallout but also the need to work together to survive the dangers of the wasteland.

YouTube Pulls ‘The Nun’ Jump Scare Ad Following User Complaints

Sometimes the ads that are shown before a YouTube clip are mini trailers for upcoming movies, which are fine, but in the case of the upcoming horror movie “The Nun”, the movie’s advertisers got creative and decided that hey, a jump scare ad would be a perfect way to promote the movie, much to the annoyance of many users.

Adidas To Live Stream High School Football Games On Twitter

Adidas and Twitter have formed a partnership to launch a new series. It will be live streaming high school football games on the microblogging network. The series will be called Friday Night Stripes and viewers will be able to tune into the high school football games that take place across the United States. The show is going to broadcast Friday night games throughout the regular season from September 7th till […]

NVIDIA Testing Shield TV App With Virtual Keyboard And Remote

NVIDIA is seemingly going to make it easier to control your Shield TV with a smartphone. The company has developed a new Shield TV app for smartphones. It means that NVIDIA has finally heard customers who wanted to have a mobile app to control this device even though it ships with a physical remote. The app hasn’t been released as yet but enough evidence has surfaced to reveal that it’s […]

Fitbit Charge 3 Leak Reveals Full Touchscreen

The first leaked renders of the Fitbit Charge 3 fitness tracker appeared earlier this month and suggested that some significant changes have been made to this new device. There has now been a new leak which not only brings us additional renders of the Fitbit Charge 3 but also reveals some specifics. Unlike its predecessor, the Fitbit Charge 3 will have a full touchscreen display.

ASUS Zenbo Junior Robot Reportedly Being Developed

Some of you may remember that ASUS unveiled a home robot called Zenbo back in May 2016. The robot was limited to select markets in Asia only and it was more of an experimental product. The response appears to have bene good because ASUS is now believed to be working on a successor to the robot called Zenbo Junior. It may come with a new processor, artificial intelligence features, and […]

OneDrive’s New Folder Protection Feature Automatically Backs Up Folders

OneDrive users will now be able to take advantage of a new folder protection system. The feature will automatically sync their pictures, documents, and desktop folders to OneDrive. This will ensure that a computer’s important folders are backed up to the cloud storage service and that there’s no loss of data should something ever go wrong.

Instagram Users Can Send Private Polls Via DMs

Instagram brought the poll sticker to Stories in October last year and it had added similar features over the past few months. The photo-sharing network now also offers an Emoji slider and the Questions sticker. The polls could only be posted publicly in the past but the Facebook-owned service is now allowing to send polls privately through direct messages.

Sprint And LG To Launch First 5G Smartphone Next Year

With commercial 5G networks set to go live in the United States next year, carriers and smartphone manufacturers are now gearing up to launch devices which will be able to leverage the next-generation mobile network. Sprint and LG have announced their intention to bring the “1st 5G smartphone in the U.S.” They’re aiming to do that in the first half of next year.